Domaining: The art of making money online by selling domains

Domaining: The art of making money online by selling domains

August 27, 2018 4 By Anonymus

The Internet has become the biggest platform for making money. Have you ever heard about “domaining”? Social media makes you encounter some posts regarding “how to make money online.” They claim some legitimate ways. However, the reality is that they start blindly following others to make some money. The truth is that these ways might work and may provide you with a significant amount of money that you have never thought of before! The hidden part of the reality is these techniques might not be legitimate and may involve specific risks of cybercrime

Sometimes they ask you to make a small investment and make you believe that the amount multiplies to a great extent. However, there is so much competition in these ways that you need to invest a lot of time into creating a platform for yourself. It may be blogging, freelancing, etc. But to perform these tasks, you need to have a deep understanding of the fields, and there will be significant competition in these areas. Hence you must give a try to domaining to earn thousands of dollars by making a small, negligible investment.

What is ‘Domaining’?

Domaining is the art of purchasing a domain whose future demand is expected to increase. Hence, when the market rises people rush to buy that domain, the price of domain name skyrockets. The task is to analyze the names that may become trending in future. In this article, you will learn the best techniques for buying the best domains whose demand will shoot in the future. You will also come to know how hackers hijack domains of high value and the ways to prevent your domain from domain hijacking.

Why go for domaining business?

Domaining is a big business in today’s date. You can make thousands of dollars by just buying domains of high value and selling them at the correct time. Making money through domaining is just like buying and selling stocks in the stock market. The best part is that there is no need to have any exceptional skills to make money by purchasing and selling domains. A functional analysis should be regarding the keywords that are searched more on Google and domains linked to the keyword and the topic.
Examples of some domains whose value boosted suddenly in a period:

  • – $13 million
  • com-$3 million
  • $7778
  • $2,605,000

Domainers who have become expert in their fields usually own a lot of domains. Remember that domaining is not safe of risk. Looking only the money part of it is great foolishness, some hackers can hijack your high authority domain or companies might put up a case against you if you buy a domain related to their companies name and details. In this article, you will know the best working techniques of domaining. You would easily do domaining without bypassing all the risks.

Top domain sellers like Yun Ye, Tom Reeve and Kevin Ham do not invest a large part of their memory in domaining. It is just out of the box thinking that makes them the owner of top authority domains.

Tricks used by top domainers in domaining:

The rare and working method is purchasing domains of the name that are typo errors by people. For example buying or instead of! The logic is simple, these domains have a tremendous amount of traffic and hence their value increases.

All the visitors are not from search engine always. These type errors are a way to earn thousands of dollars. When people type in a domain name, then you earn from the traffic generated whether it is a typo or domain like!

Best ways to earn money from domaining:

Consider domains as virtual estates in the world. Domaining is all about making money by buying these virtual estates of high authority. The authority depends on the traffic of the domain.


Registering a domain in the name of a company or trademark solely to earn money is called Cybersquatting. This involves registering a domain with the name of a company or keywords related to the company’s niche that may harm its business. If the owner wants to create a website with the name he will have to pay the domainers a high value to own the domain. But keep in mind the company owner might sue you under the guidelines of He/she has two ways to get the domain. If he pays, you can ask for any amount, but the other way has a lot of risks for you.


It is the way of purchasing domains that involve typo errors in the name. People who do not search from Google or other search engines often end up making typo errors in searching. Typosquatting does not contain any legal issue as you are not doing anything illegal. It is just the moral aspect that a company spends a lot of money and energy to build a trademark. You purchase a similar domain for less than $10 and make thousands of dollars from it. The example you buy as . Cm is a widespread typo error.

Domain Tasting is another excellent technique for domaining:

The owner of the domain can ask the registrar for complete compensation of the money within the five days of the registry. The registrar will also have to pay some part of the money for the advertisements on that registered domain during that period. Hence you can earn a good deal from this. It is entirely safe and involves no risk. Domain Kiting is a similar one in which the registered domain gets deleted and again registered for five days. By this, you can earn without paying a single buck from your pocket.

Domain Sniping:

Domain Sniping is registering an expired domain that the company does not register after its expiration date. The best example for this is as it forgot to register its domain and it had to pay around $400 million to reclaim the domain.

Speculative domaining:

The most legitimate one is speculative domaining. You can buy specific domains whose value is expected to increase in the future.


There are so many techniques mentioned but the domainers are expected to specialize in any two of these. Domainers make this a full-time profession, and they buy valuable domains for companies and sell them at high prices. You can buy a domain name related to the name of a product like or and many more.

Buying domains for domaining:

There are many sites available for purchasing domains. The domain you are searching for may be already taken. Hence you can buy the registered domains from sites like It is a site that acts as an intermediate.
To buy unregistered domains, you can go to or Some sites like provide domains along with cheap hosting.
Some more things must be taken care of in mind before buying domains.

Things to consider in domaining business:

As a beginner do not try to consider many niches. Just focus a niche and Google about it for the latest information. You can then search for a domain that you think might become trending in future. For example, if your niche is technology, you can search for the latest updates in technology and buy attractive domains related to the keyword searched more on Google. For example! Do ask yourself some questions before purchasing the domain

  • Is the cost of the domain worth?
  • Will the domain get the amount of traffic that you are expecting?
  • The domain should be attractive and simple enough for potential buyers.
  • How the demand of the domain will increase, make a clear map.

Best sites to learn domaining:

To enhance your knowledge about domaining you should have a bright idea about this platform. There are many expert domainers who regularly trade in domains, and you can learn a significant amount of information from them. The existing platforms are:

  • A big active community of professionals in domaining.
  • Learn about the current situation of the domain industry.
  • The latest news about domain industry.
  • One of the best blogs related to domaining for beginners.
  • Dnsreport– Know the health of the domain that you wish to buy.
  • The best source for available/ deleted or expired domains.
  • It is a conference for the domain industry
  • Blog of a very renowned domainer.

Make you acquainted with the domain industry. Make sure you have enough knowledge about what potential buyers want so that you can choose the domain accordingly. Go through all the websites and get the estimate about what buyers need and what niches are focussed. If you try a niche with low competition, the chances of success increases.

  Protect yourself from risks involved in domaining:

The information mentioned above has fascinated you to go in this business. However, keep in mind that it is not free from risks at all. Spamming is quite common and some domainers even hijack domains. Domain hijacking can cost you your domain without your knowing. Hackers are quite expert at doing that. The most common scams are in this article, and the domainers should be aware of this. Sometimes fake statistics are shown by the seller about the traffic and the domainers get fooled. Renew your domain on time because after the expiration you only get 30 days. Once this time is also over anyone else can buy your domain, and it will be a huge loss. Be active on forums so that you get regularly updated on what is happening in the domain industry. Deal with people only whom you know or can trust. Knowing the other person’s reality is the best way to prevent you from getting fooled.

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Final words:

This information is for than enough to start the domaining business. If you have any new ideas, mention them in the comment box. If you like this blog to share it with others. Thank you for reading.


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