Does moringa have any side effects?

Does moringa have any side effects?

February 7, 2019 0 By Anonymus

Moringa is world widely considered as the miracle tree and being consumed by numerous people all around the world. No doubt, moringa is a beneficial addition to your diet. You will get a heavy quantity of minerals, protein, and nutrients.

Being an essential part of your food, moringa is good but it is also used as the medicine for several diseases, for instance, diabetes 1 and 2, cancer, HIV, asthma and many other heart problems. If you want to get an easier and effective treatment of any disease then use moringa as medicine and also add in your diet.
When you will explore this miracle tree, you will come to know that there many benefits and side effects of moringa. It is good to take as your food essential and for curing your several health problems but it’s necessary to take it an appropriate quantity.
Furthermore, different parts of moringa are usually consumed for different purposes because all parts are essential uniquely according to the nutritional properties and rich vitamins. Here is essential to talk about the different parts of moringa like moringa seeds, flowers, leaves ad roots.
Moringa seeds, flowers and leaves are good to use by adding in your daily food in different forms but the extracts of its roots, seeds and flowers should be avoided to add into your food. On the other hand, if you want to use moringa extracts then you should know it appropriate way firstly.
It could be applied on your skin like on your face, and head and all over the body too. But keep in mind that you could apply it with a specific interval for instance after a week is a good interval.
In case, you are consuming it without taking any guidelines and without following any kind of precautionary measures then it could have side effects. In that instance, you might face poor health conditions and other side effects of moringa.

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Following are the side effects of moringa

Lower blood pressure and slow heart rate
Besides the many other nutrients, vitamins, and proteins, moringa is also containing the alkaloids. These alkaloids are the toxic properties of this plant. In case, you are consuming moringa in a larger quantity or its extracts then you could have lower blood pressure.

Alongside having lower blood pressure, your heart rate could also be decreased.
Uterine contractions
All parts of the moringa tree are not effective in the same way. Few are edible and few are not. Moringa bark is also the part of it that is having toxic and antibiotic properties. So, if you are taking moringa bark in your diet or in another way then it will leave exceptional effects on your body.

By consuming it, you will have to uterine contractions and because of this effect; you could face complications during your pregnancy and delivery. Moringa bark consumption could also abort your pregnancy. So, avoid it or consult your health provider before starting to consume it.

Cell mutation
Cell mutation is another considerable side effect of moringa. This side effect will be triggered in your body because of the chemical erection from seeds.
If you will roast the moringa seeds then this roasting process will isolate a chemical that could cause cell mutation in your body. So, avoid eating the roasted seeds. Its seed’s extract is only good to apply for head massage.

Less fertility
Moringa is having many benefits but if you are using it in the right way. Its nutrients and protein could improve your fertility but if you are taking it at the right time in a balanced quantity.
On the other hand, if you are taking its excessive amount and during your bad health conditions then it could leave a negative influence on your fertility. It could make you less fertile in case of consuming its excessive amount.
Precautionary measures regarding its consumption
Avoid taking it if you are under 18
Don’t use it during pregnancy
You should avoid it if your kid is on breastfeed

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