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Most people cannot manage a WIFI connection so it is not at all easy to deal with huge data storage with a limited data connection. To use data all the time is the nature of mobile devices. However, there are a plethora of ways to reeducate data usage to save money and time.

The most aboveboard method is to go to the menu of settings and turn off sync data and check data usage and more. It is comparatively strenuous to choose the accurate application for document storage.

We have shortlisted some documents storing apps with their features for the feasibility of users.

  • Mega:

Mega permits store free data of almost 50 GB and this offer is available on android and iOS. The interface of Mega can be dragged and dropped easily to assist users to upload stream stories, videos, pictures, files that can be downloaded and shared.

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This application makes it super easy without the limitation of what device the user is using to get access to your specific files no matter where it is located all around the world.

After paying $5 users can acquire 299 GB of extra data storage on the other hand Mega offers 4Tb of data storage for $30 monthly. Encrypted cloud data can be reserved in smartphones before it reaches the server of any organization.

  • Google Drive:

Google Drive is available on Android and iOS permits you to store up to 15 GB of data without spending a single penny. The enormous collection of desecrated platforms, spreadsheets, documents and always attempting to make it trouble-free to edit and view.

This application can store pictures that can be seen or downloaded later through signing up in a Google account and getting access to the app and viewing all reserved data.

Google Drive has a search feature that allows you to search data by name and content during setting permission and you can also control editing and commenting on some files, pictures, and documents. Google Drive provides extra storage up to 30MTB for every month at a cost of $29.99.

  • DropBox:

This is quite a simple yet effective application and is freely available on Android and iOS. It authorizes the user to store documents, pictures, videos, and many other files. Dropbox grants absolute access to your documents even if you have no internet connection in your mobile phone. Unarguably, this is a more authentic, attested, and secure data storage solution.

Moreover, it allows you to create a public folder so that one can easily share links with others. fundamental features of Dropbox is synchronization, PowerPoint and word file, sharing and editing Excel and making it more user-friendly to get access and edit files on the go.

It facilitates you to sign up and can store 2 GB of data. The paid version costs $9.99 monthly with ITB of storage. If you want to obtain more than ITB storage one can easily go with a business plan. Users can get the reward of extra storage by advising it to friends and family

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