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Wondering how to add dirndls into your summer dresses? Well, wonder no more because we are here with a solution in this blog, we will explore some ways to make dirndls a permanent and beautiful part of your summer outfits. 

So, let us get right to it without any further delay.

What is a Dirndl Dress?

A dirndl dress is a cotton, silk, or satin dress available in mini, midi, and maxi lengths. However, the most popular length is midi. It is traditionally a Bavarian outfit introduced sometime in the 18th century and rose to fame in 1818 after Oktoberfest became popular.

Parts of a Dirndl Dress:

The main part of a German dirndl is a skirt. It can be made from satin, silk, or cotton. The readily available ones are made from a cotton-polyester hybrid that looks good and economical. However, you can get a custom skirt in the material of your own choice.

The skirt is attached to the top with the help of a corset. It has a lace front that allows the wearer to adjust the size. 

An apron is traditionally worn over the skirt. It is tied with the help of a knot which has a great social significance. A light-colored shirt with embroidery and puffed shoulders is paired with the dirndl.

Dirndls: Surprise for Times

Dirndls have been full of surprises. They rose from the dirt of Bavaria to the ranks of the rich and the royal. Here are some ways the dirndls are surprising all of us in this age and time:

Can Be Any Color You Like:

Unlike the traditional dirndls, the modern dirndls can be of any color you want them to be. In the old times, dirndls were made to be black, brown, or dark green as they were worn only by the poor and working class.

However, now German dirndl dresses symbolize tradition and culture and hence can be manufactured in any color. Some new and exciting colors being used in dirndl dresses are:

  •         Neon 
  •         Red 
  •         Purple 
  •         Green 
  •         Light Blue 
  •         Royal Blue 
  •         White 
  •         Grey 

Plain and Simple Is Too Old School:

With the advent of time, dirndls have changed dramatically. They look the same as the cultural aspect to them, but many things have changed to make the outfit more fitting for the times.

One of the most important and exciting changes in the design and look of a dirndl is the use of patterns in dirndls. The modern dirndls come in multiple patterns and designs, giving the dress an edge and a zing.

These patterns allow the designers to play with multiple colors and looks to come up with something that will suit the new times and generation.

A Mix of Cultures:

Dirndl dress is more than just a piece of cloth, and it is a tribute to the rich Bavarian culture. However, the designers nowadays are playing and incorporating more and more cultural fusions into the dresses to make them appealing to other cultures.

So, now we can see dirndls being worn with a cultural fusion in them. Dirndls with bidets or leather corsets are among the top cultural fusion items we see on shelves presently.

Dirndls to the Pub:

Want to wear a dirndl to go dancing? Well, now you may. The fashion police have approved the outfit to be worn at any dance party or a pub without being penalized.

The outfit can now be seen worn in bars by the people on the dance floor without an ounce of doubt or shame in their eyes.

Wear It Anyway You Like:

Traditionally, dirndls have a lot of rules and regulations associated with them. According to the Bavarian standard, everything has to be perfect, from the skirt to the shirt and the corset.

However, rules are for the old times. Now, we do what our heart says. So, if your heart wants to wear a dirndl without an undershirt, it can. Now, there are no rules, which means nothing stops you from going to a dirndl online shop and getting yours today.


So, these were some ways a dirndl may surprise you. Dirndls are attires full of history and mystery. So, we all should be always open to the way it surprises us today and tomorrow. We hope that you learnt one thing or another from this blog.


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