Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Today, conventional advertising does not make the cut. 


While brands and businesses may opt to continue advertising their products and services through traditional means, they may soon find that they are falling behind the competition if they fail to adapt. 


Audiences today are more interested in creating connections with the brands and businesses that they like, and as a company that seeks to profit from this, you need to step up your game. As a marketer, you need to know that digital advertising comes in many forms, including influencer marketing. Influencer marketing involves the collaboration between a social media influencer and a business. This particular form of marketing is designed to create personalized connections between a brand and its audience. As a result, brands are able to engage with audiences and cultivate a better experience for them. 


Undoubtedly, influencers are the poster children of digital marketing, and brands and businesses stand to profit from that fact. Essentially, brands can leverage the industry authority by partnering with influencers and borrowing some of the trust they have built within their niche. And today, trust is essential, and something brands can capitalize from. However, before you start scouting for talent and engaging in influencer marketing services, below are something this you need to know about influencer marketing


1.) Digital marketing strategy is pivotal to the success of a brand 


Back in the day, brands used to think of digital marketing strategies as something nice to have. Today, however, they are essential for the success of your brand. Much has happened in the last two years, and if there is anything that the 2020 global lockdowns taught businesses, it is the fact that consumers now prefer online commerce in today’s digital age. While the pandemic’s end may be seemingly in sight, there is little to no doubt that the market has to evolve along with this consumer behavior. 


Keep in mind that digital marketing avenues are not created the same. Consumers are now smarter and savvier. That said, they are aware of the many advertising efforts marketers have put in place. This means that adblockers, skip buttons, and swipes are something they utilize whenever they can. Reaching people with these ads no longer work. For that reason, social media influencers are key players in today’s marketing strategies. More importantly, influencer management has become paramount. By partnering with the right influencer, your brand can gain credibility and sales. 


2.) Reach your target audience on a personal level 


Influencers have established online with the communities they have built. The trust they have made and the personal connection they have with their audiences is something you can leverage to better market your products and services.


3.) Save money on marketing expenses 


Unless you go for big gunners such as celebrities, the majority of influencers today are what you would consider “micro-influencers.” These are influencers that have somewhere between 10,000- 200,000 followers. Brands that work with these creators have found that it is more cost-effective compared to any other form of marketing. 


4.) Be on the lookout for fake social followings


Do not be dazzled by influencers with massive followings. Today, influencers can easily purchase followers online just to boost their credibility seemingly. Also, these are designed to simulate actual user activity automatically and resultantly inflate follower and engagement metrics on social media platforms. Be on the lookout for these. It may be challenging to sift through the many influencers available online, but it is imperative. Do your research and choose those only who have grown their audience organically than those who opted to purchase social credibility. 


5.) Mismatching can happen 


Influencers are considered marketing envoys as they have established a connection with their followers and are trusted by them. However, this does not mean you can arbitrarily choose one with a good following and social credibility. Partnering with the wrong influencer can do more harm to your brand than good. Keep in mind that today’s world is all about holding everyone accountable, and if the influencer you partnered with falls victim to cancel culture, your brand may feel the effects of that fall. Be thorough in your selection. When you choose an influencer to work with, ensure that their brand aligns with yours. More importantly, check their ethics and see if it is in line with your brand ethos.  

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