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Are you a new eyelash extension technician? Do you not have much experience with different types of eyelash extensions? Still, you want to know what types of eyelash extensions are most popular. Then this article is for you! We will introduce to you the most popular different lash extension styles.

The first style of eyelash extension is classic eyelash extension:

This eyelash extension technique requires detail when sticking each eyelash to each natural eyelash. It is the basic type of eyelash extension that any technician needs to know and never goes out of style among the different lash extension styles. Therefore, classic eyelashes can keep the most natural beauty of the eyes. The most important thing about this eyelash extension is the right material. According to the experience of professional lash artists, faux mink lashes are the perfect choice because of their smooth and soft texture, like natural lashes. Besides, the curls of this type of eyelashes are usually J and C curl; the thickness is about 0.1 mm – 0.25 mm, and the number of lashes is about 120 – 200 fibers for both eyes. A little tip is that you can also use LLBA’s flat lash line of product for Classic lashes, which are flat at the base and tapers off at the end for fuller-looking lashes. These lashes are available in mixed lengths (8mm -15mm) and other single lengths. LLBA also offers various diameters such as 0.12, 0.15, 0.18 and 0.20 mm. Available curls are C, CC and D curls.

The second is the volume eyelash extension:

If classic is a traditional eyelash extension, volume is the foundation of more modern and creative ones in different lash extension styles. This style of eyelash extension is impressive by the thick density of the eyelashes to create a dramatic look of the eyes. The Volume eyelash extension is based on the principle of attaching an eyelash fan (usually consisting of 3-4 lashes) to a natural eyelash. This technique helps make the eyelashes curl, thick and black, and create super stunning depth for the eyes. We recommend choosing an extremely light lash material with natural color and suitable curl with this type of eyelash extension. Understand this, LLBA has created a wide range of mink lashes with a matte black finish, lightweight, and smooth texture, which lasts longer than other eyelash extensions on the market. This product line has a full range of fans with various curls from C, CC, D, L, etc., ready to meet all types of lashes in general and volume in particular. In addition, the Gracie Silver Collection Tweezers of them are also a great assistant for you. It has a solid design holding the eyelashes tightly, in addition to anti-static, limiting the eyelashes sticking together when performing eyelash extensions.

The third is baby doll eyelash extension:

As the name implies, this style of eyelash extension is aimed at helping eyes look bigger and rounder like a lovely doll. Steps to doing this style are similar to other eyelash extension techniques. You need to attach eyelashes to the natural eyelashes with different lengths to create a naturalness. You need to note that for baby doll style, the length of lashes is longer in the center and shorter at the corners of the eyes. In addition, there are two specific types of eyelash extensions: thick baby doll and thin baby doll, depending on the client’s natural lashes. Besides, the health of their real eyelashes is also vital to make the right choice. The recommended curl for this style of eyelash extension is usually CC, D, DD, L, recommended length is 12mm-14mm.

The fourth is the cat-eye eyelash extensions:

This type of eyelash extension has been a leading star among different lash extension styles as soon as it appeared on beauty forums. The cat-eye style still holds a particular position and wins the heart of eyelash extensions followers. A feature of this style of eyelash extensions is that the closer to the end of the eye, the longer the lashes will be. This technique will make the eyelashes look more natural, and the eyes will also look longer and sharper. After using these eyelash extensions, your client will no longer have to worry about drawing complicated eyeliner. Because the eyes already have a sharpness, they only need to draw a single eyeliner to be more attractive. Girls with big round eyes, deep eyes with a slim or long face can try this eyelash extension style.

Above is everything you need to know about different lash extension styles. Don’t forget to follow your more tips to make the most of your lash journey. 

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