Pros And Cons Of Different Carpet Cleaning Newcastle Methods

Pros And Cons Of Different Carpet Cleaning Newcastle Methods

April 24, 2021 0 By Rahul Pandey

The most common source of misunderstanding among landowners is the frequency with which they might clean their carpets. Some people believe that professional Different Carpet Cleaning Newcastle Methods once a year or once a quarter is sufficient, but those who trust in DIY carpet cleaning clean their carpets every month. Despite their best efforts, they are not always effective in effectively eliminating all stains, dirt, or dust from the carpets.

Carpets are used by households for decorative or convenience purposes, but they are easily polluted due to frequent use. Carpets in high areas are much more contaminated than carpets in low-traffic areas. As a result, residents in such areas should have their carpets washed on a daily basis.

Skilled carpet cleaning services include a variety of cleaning techniques Each approach has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at each carpet cleaning process in more detail:

Dry Method

Cleaning With An Absorbent Molecule:-

This process involves moistening an absorbent substance with water and spreading a cleaning solution all over the dirty carpet. Unique machinery is then used to agitate and rub the carpet. It aids the compound’s absorption into the carpet fibers. Soil is absorbed by the compound, which is then removed using a dry vacuum.

  • Pros of Technique:-

This method, is affordable and the carpet dries quickly.

  • Cons of Technique:-

This process has a very minimal cleaning capability. You could find sawdust particles in your carpet if vacuuming isn’t done properly.

Bonnet Cleaning:-

A cleaning solvent is sprinkled in the carpet to help break down the soil. The ground is then twisted with a rotary device equipped with a bonnet or absorbent pad. The cleaning solution is agitated by spinning and absorbed by the cotton or microfiber pad. It’s like taking a sponge bath when it comes to carpet washing.

  • Pros of Technique:-

Since this approach uses very less water, carpets dry very easily. It comes at a reasonable price.

  • Cons of Technique:-

The cleaning and recovery capabilities of this methodology are minimal. The carpets can suffer as a result.

Wet Method

Hot Water Extraction:

This is the most common and commonly suggested carpet cleaning technique. A thorough pre-vacuuming is used in this method to extract dry soil particles After that, a cleaning agent is sprayed on the oil and grease to break it down. A combination of a pressurized hot water bath and a strong wet vacuum is used to clean the carpet.

  • Pros of Technique:-

It has a powerful cleaning capacity and thorough rinsing that fully eliminates embedded dirt. This is the company’s “deep” and “tried and true” cleaning process.

  • Cons of Technique:-

This cleaning process necessitates the purchase of costly equipment as well as longer drying periods.

Wet Shampoo:-

In today’s world, this approach is seldom used. A high foam solution is added to the carpets in this process, and it soaks into the fibers. With the aid of a wet vac, the solvent is then removed.

  • Pros of Technique:-

Wet cleaning has no functional benefits over current methods.

  • Cons of Technique:-

Long drying periods and poor cleaning capacity are the results of this procedure. It also left some slippery residues.


These are the fundamental distinctions between various cleaning processes.  Hot water extraction is the most reliable and efficient of all of these cleaning processes .

The price effectiveness of employing an eco-friendly carpet cleaner is the first and foremost advantage that everybody appreciates. In a nutshell, such cleaning techniques will save you a lot of money over time while also allowing you to stop purchasing soaps and detergents that you only use occasionally.

Another advantage is that you can use minimal water to clean your carpets, thanks to eco-friendly solutions that never sacrifice efficiency.


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