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Wall Wraps

Wall decals and wall wraps are the most creative way to transform your interior space. Both add visual texture, interest, depth, and color to a space. Since both are used for wall coverings many people think they are the same in nature yet there are differences between the two.

In this article, we will compare the wall wrap’s features and functionalities to the wall decal’s features and functionalities in detail. So, let’s get started,

What Are Wall Wraps?

Wall wraps also known as murals or wall graphics are the vinyl graphics installed on any surface to feature a message or any information of your desire. It can be customized so that they can fit individuals’ preferences regarding the design, size, colors, and messages.

There are different uses of wall wraps. You can use them to transform your interior space, attract consumers, pass any information on wall graphics or advertise your business with it.

Let’s take a look at the uses of wall wraps in detail,


  • Transform the Interior Space


Using wall wraps is an excellent way to transform the appearance of any space be it an exhibition, conference room, office, or anything within a short period. You can skip the remodel cost of the entire area and change the background instantly.

In addition, if you want to add your company branding’s touch to your office interiors, you can create a coherent scheme using custom wall wraps. It will instantly add a new wave of energy without you having to break your bank.


  • Convince Your Consumers


Wall wraps are the most affordable and smartest way to convince a passerby to spend some money on your services or products without being too aggressive. You can use persuasive, creative, and large building wraps to let others know about your services or products.

For instance, if you’re selling sports garments, then using a wrap featuring one of the most famous athletes wearing the clothes will convince other customers to spend some money.


  • Pass The Information


Businesses, nonprofit organizations, churches, and other similar institutions can use the interior wall wraps to pass important information to their users. You can narrate your company history to transform the hallway with creative wall wraps highlighting your business stories.

Also, you can explain the details of your products or services to make a huge difference in people’s perception of your company. However, it’s recommended to use bold and big wraps to display this information.

What Are Wall Decals?

Wall decals also known as wall art decor, wall sticker, or wall vinyl is a type of vinyl sticker affixed to a smooth surface or typically wall for informational or decoration purposes. Generally, you can cut the wall decals with a vinyl cutting machine to create custom wall decals that suit your requirements.

There are various types of uses of wall decals. Let’s take a look at some of the most common uses of these decals,


  • Sign Making


Originally, vinyl decals were used for making the sign. However, its uses aren’t only limited to sign-making these days. You can use vinyl wall decals for interior decorations as well. Typically, signs are used by businesses to grab their customer’s attention.

You can use the large wall decals on the road to persuade passers-by to peep into your business, product, or services. Signs made by wall decals can be used anywhere you desire.


  • Advertising

Wall decals allow any business to transform the interior of their office. It’s an interactive and modern way of branding your company. Not only can your office walls be adorned with these wall decals but also it offers a trendy look by installing some wall graphics of your own choice.

So, you can use custom wall decals or vinyl wall decals to advertise your company, brand, or pass any words related to your services to your customers to enhance their knowledge.

How Are Wall Wraps & Wall Decals Different?

Wall wraps and wall decals both add an artistic touch to your premises but both of them are quite different in their types, sizes, and features. Let’s understand them in detail,


  • Types of Wall Wraps & Wall Decals


Wall decals can easily range from simple wall borders to complex types covering your entire walls. It can feature unique designs, words, pictures, or anything you want. Usually, the types of wall decals include vinyl wall decals, large wall decals, traditional wall decals, custom wall decals, etc. Vinyl wall decals come in a variety of sizes and shapes so you can make them as large or as small as you want.

On the other hand, wall wraps are used for decorating a wall or branding your company. There are various types of wall wraps available including custom wall wraps, building wraps, interior wall wraps, etc. However, in building wraps, the materials are different from others due to the requirements of weather resistance.


  • Look Of Wall Wraps & Wall Decals

Wall wraps are made of plastic-like materials that are thick. It means these can easily be peeled off if not taken care of. This is the reason why you may have to replace your wraps now and then. However, wall decals are typically made using specialized films that are very thin.

The decals are so thin that sometimes it may seem that it’s handpainted on your wall. Therefore, the texture, finish, and effect it offers is unparalleled to the wall wraps. In comparison, the decals look much richer when it’s integrated into your interior.

  • Removal Process

The removal process for both wall wraps and wall decals is different. The wall wraps are easy to remove while the decals take a lot of effort and equipment to remove without damaging the walls. However, technologies are evolving nowadays so with better materials the decals are also getting easier to remove.


Moreover, the wall decals and wall wraps are different but they aren’t too different. Both of them are wallcoverings offering your space a perfect “wow” factor. You can add some unique styles to your space using any of these that suit your requirements.


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