Did you know that sanitizing just your hands is not enough? You must also sanitize your dishes and clothes.

Did you know that sanitizing just your hands is not enough? You must also sanitize your dishes and clothes.

November 4, 2020 0 By Tech Junkie

The coronavirus has become a big pressure on all of us. It has completely changed our lifestyle pattern. We have to make sure that every time we touch any open surface we must sanitize our hands as well. According to WHO we are supposed to wash our hands using soap and water for 20 seconds regularly. We can also use any alcohol-based hand sanitizer if there is no immediate access to soap. But just washing the hands is not the complete solution. We must also sanitize all those surfaces as well that we frequently touch. Like our clothes and dishes. Since just dipping them in water and detergent only removes dirt. A good dishwashing sanitizer and clothes washing sanitizer should thus be kept handy. There are a variety of dishwashing and laundry sanitizers that are now available in the market. Let’s understand the basic ingredients that go in such sanitizers before we go out to purchase them.

Why is it important to sanitize your dishes and your clothes?

Cleaning and sanitizing are not the same. Cleaning requires the soap to clean out the dirt, whereas sanitizing requires chemicals or heat treatment to remove the germs. Even after a thorough cleaning, there is always some amount of germs and viruses which remains that cannot be seen with naked eyes. So, using a dishwashing sanitizer and clothes washing sanitizer becomes the next prudent step. To maintain proper hygiene and safety during the raging pandemic it, thus, becomes important that after every wash sanitizing is given its due diligence.

What is required in a good dishwashing sanitizer and clothes washing sanitizer?

For a dishwashing sanitizer, you must avoid a chlorine-based sanitizer. Although it is very effective in cleaning away germs instantly, its long-term exposure causes cancer. The human body absorbs chlorine through the skin, eyes, ears, and nose. Therefore, you must look for ingredients that don’t harm your skin. A few new sanitizers have been recently launched in the market that are innovative blends of herbal disinfectants and powerful sanitizing agents. These herbal dishwashing sanitizers do not just effectively sanitize, but they also keep your skin soft and supple.

For clothes washing sanitizer, it must contain germicidal ingredients, which can remove contagious bacteria and viruses. Few household liquid-based bleaches are also known to sanitize clothes, but these also harm the fibre.

Indus Valley’s San’tize Dish Washing Sanitizer and Clothes Washing Sanitizer have both received rave reviews from their users. You can try them out. Both sanitizers come with 99.9% germ-kill capabilities and are lab tested for the same.

Things to remember while cleaning and sanitizing

  • Make sure you clean the sink and scrape all the leftover food before starting the cleaning process
  • Always use hot soapy water for cleaning to get better results. Using a hot press can also remove germs and viruses from your clothes
  • Always follow the directions mentioned in the bottle
  • Make sure that your sanitizer doesn’t react negatively with the soap you use. Go for a dishwashing sanitizer and clothes washing sanitizer that works with the detergent you usually use
  • Air-dry the dishes and clothes after wash
  • Store the sanitized wares and clothes in a clean, dry area and do not touch them before actual usage
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