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Amazon . com is really a multinational e-commerce company used and preferred among almost everybody. Using more than 300 million users, it is among the most widely used shopping platforms on the planet. As with other apps and websites, Amazon . com faces glitches occasionally. Actually, the organization just lost $34 billion in sales a couple of several weeks ago because of an worldwide internet outage. Now, another glitch has surfaced that is stopping individuals from placing their orders and checking their order history. It’s known as the Cs 11 error and has turned into a nightmare for individuals customers awaiting delivery. So what is that this error? When could it be fixed? Did amazon . com acknowledge this issue? Continue studying to discover the most recent details about Cs 11 Error on Amazon . com Application.


What’s the Cs 11 error?

The Cs 11 error prevents users from being able to access the Amazon . com application. They are unable to see their order history, place any new orders, view their username and passwords or utilize several application features. Each time users visit their order history or attempt to make an order, the next message seems, “Sorry something went wrong. We’re focusing on fixing it. (CS11).” The glitch arrived around Tuesday, tenth of August, but still is not fixed.


Reason for Cs 11 error

The reason for this error isn’t obvious by yet. However, the Cs 11 error is restricted to iOS users while using amazon . com application. Oddly, the glitch isn’t gift for users while using Android application. Whether the problem is restricted to a particular iPhone model or perhaps a certain iOS version isn’t known.


May be the error affecting customers all across the globe?

The Cs 11 error is mainly affecting customers in India. However, customers in Germany and areas of Europe, and also the USA will also be experiencing this error.


Cs 11 Error Fix

By yet, there’s no treatment for the Cs 11 error. Even reinstalling or restarting your iPhone won’t fix the problem.

The e-commerce giant has had notice from the issue. Its spokesperson taken care of immediately Gadgets 360’s email concerning the Cs 11 error by saying:

“We’re sorry that some customers might be experiencing issues when you shop. We thank you for persistence once we try to resolve the problem.”



When customers began experiencing and enjoying the Cs 11 error, they immediately required to Twitter and Reddit to inquire about the organization for help.

One user tweeted Amazon . com saying “@AmazonHelp I’ve been getting this error for several days on my small iPhone running iOS15 because it appears a large number of other medication is. What is the fix?”

A different one shared their knowledge about the tweet, “@AmazonHelp iPhone 8 Plus, iOS 15 public beta, the Amazon . com Shopping application keeps giving me CS11 error Permissions are correct, the application was uninstalled and reinstalled, no change. Could it be a web server-side issue? Please advise, thanks. Possess a nice day!” one authored, before a ton of complaints started.


Many users were frustrated and annoyed. In the end, Amazon . com may be the prime shopping place for countless users. One particularly angry user stated, “Not in a position to connect to the @amazon . com application on iOS devices as a result of “CS11 error.” This really is bizarre @YahooFinance @CNBS just when was Amazon . com fixing this?”

As a result of the countless messages AmazonHelp was receiving, it tweeted the next tweet: “We are sorry concerning the items you have with this application. It’s a known issue and our teams will work on a single. Thank you for persistence and understanding.”

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