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Criminal Minds Reboot is going on! And it is experienced progress for a long time. This news from it visiting existence began making models in 2021. And also, since then, fans happen to be waiting to understand much more about it.

But, a tweet from Paget Brewster who plays Emily Prentiss made fans doubt the reboot was happening. Through her tweet, she told fans the reboot was dead.


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Now, all that has altered. As Tanya Gills, Chief Programming Officer at ViacomCBS Streaming has confirmed that Crooks Minds Reboot is going on. In the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, she spoke with a reporters concerning the series saying:

“We ontinue to be greatly in development on Criminal Minds. We’ll convey more to talk about soon with that, but it’s alive and well.”

Following the event and Tanya’s statement, Paget required to Twitter to announce she was incorrect and incredibly happy the reboot was happening. She tweeted: “When being wrong feels so right…I Like It!”


Criminal Minds Reboot Release Date

Things continue to be finalized for that reboot series. And therefore, the official release date hasn’t been shared as of this moment. Based on us, the Criminal Minds reboot might release earliest through the finish of 2022. But an infinitely more realistic release date window could be at the outset of 2023.

For now, fans can rewatch the 15 seasons of Criminal Minds on Vital . Or they may also watch the very first 12 seasons on Netflix and seasons 13 to fifteen on Hulu. In either case, we’re sure it will be fun getting a visit lower memory lane watching cases after cases unfold.



Criminal Minds Reboot will probably be a little diverse from the prior series. This version can also be likely to be solving crimes and finding crooks. However in the reboot, one season will center around one situation and never multiple cases such as the previous seasons.


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While not one other spoilers concerning the Criminal Minds reboot synopsis happen to be shared, we all know that it will actually cover profilers employed by BAU. These profilers is going to be analyzing behaviors and becoming your hands on crooks who’re committing federal crimes.


Criminal Minds Reboot Cast

They at Vital  is intending to bring a mixture of new and old cast people for that reboot. However, so far, nobody has really signed any agreement for the reboot. This can include Vital  looking to get all individuals cast people who have been alive within the season 15 finale. This is a listing of cast people which are getting attorney at law with Vital  regarding their roles within the Criminal Minds reboot.

o          Joe Mantegna as David Rossi

o          Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia

o          A.J. Prepare as Jennifer Jareau

o          Paget Brewster as Emily Prentiss

o          Aisha Tyler as Dr. Tara Lewis

o          Adam Rodriguez as Luke Alvez


Besides these, Matthew Grey Gubler who performed Dr. Spencer Reid, and Daniel Henney who had been Matt Simmons who have been an element of the finale won’t be rejoining the cast for that reboot because they are completed with their roles or too busy along with other projects.


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Furthermore, the cast people we in the above list prepared to sign their contracts may also be finalized when the showrunner of Criminal Minds, Erica Messer signs the offer and becomes area of the reboot. As everybody round her realizes, without her the show would easily break apart. A summary of the brand new cast people for that reboot continues to be not shared. It appears such as the new casting is going to be made official once Erica and also the previous cast people sign their deals.


Criminal Minds Reboot Episodes

The very first season is going to be composed of 10 episodes. Many of these episodes will center around solving one situation. And will also be streaming on Vital .


Criminal Minds Reboot Trailer

Since things continue to be finalized, there’s a lengthy time until a trailer or perhaps a teaser for that reboot on Vital  will release. Based on us, the Criminal Minds Reboot trailer will release through the finish of 2022 or the start of 2023, some time prior to the actual season begins airing.

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