8 Extremely Easy & Useful Creative Photography Tips to Follow

8 Extremely Easy & Useful Creative Photography Tips to Follow

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Creative photography is more than just clicking photos that are technically perfect. Therefore, it is crucial to give importance to certain aspects of the creative photo shoot during a photo shoot. Check out these 8 extremely easy and useful for creative photography tricks that should be followed by creative photographers.

8 Extremely Easy & Useful Creative Photography Tips and Tricks to Follow

1.Convey a sense of authority to your models:

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Creative photographers need to be confident, authoritative and self-assured. If you show signs of stress and anxiety, it can have negative effects on the performance of your model. Create a list before your photo shoot and rehearse the method for each of the shot in your own mind. Prepare fashion items, location and props much ahead of the scheduled time and communicate the posing directions and objectives calmly to your model.

2.Get a perfect team for your photo shoot:

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Many successful creative photographers collaborate with other efficient photo assistants, makeup artist and hair stylist. If your photo shoot is more complicated than usual ones, you will need a better team. Photographer Von Wong emphasizes the importance of efficient teams, particularly when a photographer attempts creative yet complicated photo shoots.

3.Narrate a story:

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Include a visual narrative in your captured moments and it will grab people’s attention. If you browse through any popular photography magazine, you will see a particular theme connects all the pictures. If you include a cohesive concept in your photos, it will make them more interesting. If you want to tell a story through photos, they need to be placed in a particular order. Planning is a crucial part of the procedure of visual storytelling. It includes the selection of the topic, research on that topic and then planning the shots. Appropriate planning will help you structure the narrative storytelling.

4.Choose appropriate background:

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Selection of an appropriate background plays a crucial role in the composition. For instance, If the model wears a plain outfit, use an elaborate background to complement it. Use rectangles and squares as a background to frame the model. If you put the model in a square frame, it will definitely catch the attention of viewers. Sometimes, it can be very confusing when a creative photographer tries to find the perfect background for his photo shoot. There is much more to a backdrop than just using simple solid colours like white or black. You can use Yellow to bring energy to a background when required. You can also use Blue to convey power and boldness in your photos.

5.Interacting with the environment:

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Let your model play around the environment they are in. Thus, they will feel more comfortable while posing, and interaction with the environment will make the composition more interesting. You can use the care to frame your model and it will make the photo look natural as well. If people feel relaxed and confident, you will be able to click great photos.

6.Use various angles to tell stories differently:

At the time of the shooting, explore various elements of the environment and check out different places where you can do the photo shoot with your model. Other than places, try different angles to shoot your subjects as well. If you change the angles, it will also change the mood of photos. If you want your subject to dominate the photograph, then click the photo from a low angle. It will make the model look taller and will also emphasise the dress they are wearing. If you want to get an intimate look, shoot them from a high angle. This type of photos evokes a sense of freedom.

7.Make images come alive with the use of props

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Props can make your photos more interesting and fun. They are also helpful in developing a theme in the photos. Umbrellas, vintage sunglasses, vintage cars, hats, pets, musical instruments, soft toys, etc. can be used as props in your photographs. For instance, if you are choosing a vintage theme, you can use vintage cars, vintage sunglasses, vintage jeans for your photo shoot.

8.Highlight the fashion items

Creative photographers know how to emphasise their subjects in their photos. It is essential to prioritise how you would like to represent the subject. You need to ensure that props do not serve as an obstruction while shooting. Get close to the model or the subject to capture intricate details in your photographs.

It takes patience, skills and professionalism to be successful in the field of creative photography. Other than that, put interesting and creative photography tips and ideas to your photo shoot to make your photos more appealing.You can also make money through photography by doing freelance works.

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