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Corporate Videos: A Guide To Melbourne’s Immersive Video Production

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Corporate videos are not a new phenomenon. They have been around for quite some time. What has changed is the image and perception around a corporate video, which is sky high today as compared to the early days. Australia can boast to have some of the video production companies that can create high-quality videos and if your business needs a video, be sure to go for an immersive video experience.

In this blog today, we try to explain some things related to corporate video production in Melbourne, and for that matter anywhere in Australia.

A Great Marketing Strategy

If you are to succeed in your business, a marketing strategy is your best weapon. Initial web advertising took off with blog posts and advertisements. However, that was back in the day. Today, it is corporate videos that hold sway amongst marketing professionals and business owners. These videos don’t just convey the company motto, they explain how new products work, how to maintain mechanical products, how to keep a great skin regimen, how to train your dog…the list is endless. Video production companies in Melbourne have recently helped businesses to make a higher return on investment. Surveys show that a potential customer will prefer to watch the company video instead of some boring leaflets, or even the company website. People have gotten used to things being delivered to them on a plate, so corporate videos seldom disappoint.

Statistics In Favour

Simply put, a video will attract the target audience more than just flyers or ads in the local newspaper. With videos, users tend to remember over 90% of what has been shown. The same cannot be said of the written word, which we glance over without making the effort to register obvious facts in our brains. Attention spans have fallen drastically over the last decade and the first minute of a corporate video is critical. The success or failure of the video depends on this opening minute. Of those businesses which already have corporate videos, 90% and above said they would maintain or increase their funding of corporate videos.

Creating A Brief

The quintessential brief starts with the motto of the brand, its statement and then carries on to the campaign objective. If the objectives are clear to the viewer, there will be an increase in the rate of conversion. Once you get the brief ready, you have to decide on the kind of video campaign you require.

Different Video Styles For Corporate Video Production In Melbourne


  • Brand Videos: These form a part and parcel of the ad campaign of the brand. This video will give you the bird’s eye view of the company, its heritage, and roots, goals as well as mission. They serve to attract the target audience and build brand awareness.
  • Explainer Videos: These videos will engage your audience. When your company launches a new product, it will need a demo video or explainer video so that a complete description of the product is achieved. These videos help both customers and sales staff as they are educational for both. Explainer videos can also consist of a live video by a member of the management, usually the CEO.
  • Event Videos: This is somewhat new and has become a hit in a short time. If your business is holding an event, or even if it is as boring as a conference, showing the highlights reel will make viewers identify with the brand as they see themselves as a part of the greater picture, as clients and investors in the company.
  • Augmented Reality Videos: This is the new kid on the block. Using virtual and augmented reality videos, a potential customer is able to view the product from all possible directions, turn it upside down if he wants, or generally give it a good shake, all in the name of interactivity. If your brand is cutting edge technology, perhaps some aspect of your business can be better explained to the public if you had VR and AR videos for them to watch.
  • Personal Messages: Just like emails, videos can also be created by the management of your business to convey important messages about the business to the target audience. Do not underestimate the powerful nature of a personal message.


When you are the owner of a business, small or big in Australia, you cannot afford to sit back. There are many similar businesses like yours and the only way you are going to survive it is when you invest in corporate videos, preferably, immersive videos where the target audience can view your product from all sides and angles. You are also advised to make use of virtual reality and augmented reality through headsets to promote and elevate the status of your brand.


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