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5 ways to drive higher conversion rate through Virtual number

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Virtual number

As the business landscape keeps morphing into a picture of globalization and enhanced customer expectations as a Virtual number, it is crucial for businesses to make use of advanced technologies, tools and techniques for a myriad of reasons.  

For reference, if a business is thriving, and they get a lot of customer calls. Customers might call a business for product inquiries, to take help regarding completing a purchase or solve any grievances. However since the volume at the call center is high, the business representatives might not be able to take all customer calls. This may even lead to a customer going for a competitor brand. What can a business do to not face this issue? Increase the agent fleet? Not very cost-effective. Buy expensive tools? Again, extremely cost hampering.

This is where a virtual number comes in. A Virtual Number may not only help in handling call volume but also enhance lead generation, employee productivity, and boost customer satisfaction by leaps and bounds. 

In addition to boosting revenue for a business, a business can also serve the dual benefit of supporting the business in its customer support efforts. A virtual number is a brilliant tool that helps businesses of all sizes amplify revenue generation and enhance customer satisfaction. Now let’s dive deeper into what a virtual number and how it drives conversation rate for a business

What is a ‘Virtual Number’?

Before we dive deeper into how a Virtual Number amplifies lead generation and customer service for a business, let us understand what exactly a Virtual Number is. 

A Virtual Number is essentially a business contact number that is not physically related to any infrastructure/hardware. It is a cloud-hosted telecommunication system that empowers companies to route a contact number to different devices and operators. Moreover, a business is able to have a single point of contact for its customers removing any room for misunderstanding or communication, thereby streamlining customer communication. 

When a business has a Virtual Number, it gives a professional image to the brand and gives customers a single point of contact for communication.

Virtual number

5 ways to drive higher conversion rate through Virtual number

The many Features of virtual number for business

A business that deploys cloud-hosted virtual number of business can do a lot more than it can with a traditional telephone number. 

  • There is no requirement of infrastructure or hardware
  • Call rerouting can be done via IVR or be directed based on the location
  • Calls may be monitored or tracked for compliance and training purposes
  • A Toll-free number is a type of Virtual Number and makes it easier for customers to reach the business. 

How a virtual number helps drive higher conversion

A Virtual number is extremely famous for its various benefits, including excellent audio quality, easy scalability, inexpensive charges, option to have 24×7 support, and more. A virtual number is not tied to any hardware and hence that makes it a prudent choice for businesses of this day and age.

Helps in building a professional brand image

When a business has a favourable brand image, it can expect better ROI and revenue. If the brand image is not in line with its offerings, it can lead to reduced sales and lead generation. Only a strong business identity can help a business be profitable. There are certain tools like Virtual Number for business that can help a business enhance its brand image, and hence revenue. 

Aids in reaching out to and targeting customers all over the country

The most crucial benefit of a virtual number is that it lets a business attract leads and consumers in ways that a regular phone system just cannot. With a cloud hosted business number, a business can reach customers all over the country. Moreover, a business’ sales staff may use this technology to amplify its efforts for a set state, area, or group of dealerships.

Robust sales & marketing campaign tracking

A smart business in this day and age is concerned about putting a lot of money on diverse set of activities, strategies and campaigns. This spending of money results in regularly tracking and evaluating how these activities and campaigns are performing. It is to see if the money being put to these activities makes sense or not or to put it another away, if this activities are performing the way they are intended to. 

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