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The most efficient handover is about successful construction management procedures in the context of project closeout. All the procedures, processes should be well-planned to be sure that documentation and warranties are managed without risks and imperfections. Also, you can contact Grundy & Co which helps to manage your construction site work.

First, all the parties will be interested in information about project compliance to the contract documents. This is also about assurance of the customer that all the regulations and legal statutes are met by the contractor and subcontractors.

What are the best management hacks for construction project closeout? Let’s take a closer look at the task checklist, solutions, and recommendations for modern building market players in 2022.

Project Closeout: Checklist with the Main Tasks

The process of the construction project closeout obtains a range of on-site and administrative tasks. There is a checklist of the main responsibilities and procedures to take into consideration:

  1. Pay attention to the punch list. Each project can have a range of things to do before the closeout and handover stages. Complete this list and show it to subcontractors to hurry them up and finish all the work. Note that the completion of the specified punch items requires verification of the project architect.
  2. Make out all the mobile on-site stations like trailers, machinery storage, other temporary facilities. Announce demobilization of the workers to prepare the site for the closeout procedures. All the parties to the contract should be informed about this stage.
  3. Think of logistics, transportation, and storage of all the attic stock items. Extra building materials and exterior supplies relate to this category of goods as well. The main attic stock units for this closeout stage are HVAC parts like filters, tiles, roofing components, etc.
  4. Test utilities and check their workability status to be sure that all the services according to the contract will be provided risk-free. Among these accommodations to monitor and install are telephone, Internet, gas, electricity, gas, etc. Note that no on-site utilities used by workers should be presented up to closeout procedures. Be sure that Internet services and other communications are canceled before handover.
  5. The final stage includes two tasks where the site should be prepared for the ongoing processes. For example, you should make the premise ready for exploitation. It is necessary to clean the object and check all the systems.

This way, the 5-step checklist will come in handy for contractors who are getting ready for the closeout procedures. There are other recommendations in the context of the project closeout-driven administrative tasks.

Documents & Permissions: Administrative Tasks in the Closeout Checklist

Your project closeout depends on the list of the administrative tasks that should be taken into account when it comes to the management and organization of the workflows of the construction company. Take a look at the main ones:

  • Check all the contractual requirements. Find those that have not been met yet. Ensure that it is possible to find ways to solve all the challenges timely.
  • Monitor all the change orders. Have a strategy to complete all of them with no delays and risks for your closeout terms.
  • Check your insurance policies and maintenance bonds according to the actual contract. Additionally, final permit cards and permit plans of the project matter for your property handover according to the jurisdiction background.
  • Have a meeting with the architects and designers to discuss the project and compare the final result with all the approved drawings. Be sure of the absolute completeness of the object you are getting ready to close out.
  • Develop and confirm manuals in the context of Operations & Maintenance. The owner of the property should get from the contractor this documentation. Do not forget about warranties like the project status, closeout terms, and other regulations.

To sum up, the list of administrative tasks should also contain FLW including subcontractors and suppliers to arrange well-managed cooperation. Ensure that all the financial operations are under control like deposits, bonds (cash and payment), etc.

Finish your closeout preparations with the Notice of Completion that meets the jurisdictional authority norms. The feather on the cap will be final accounting to understand the profitability of the project and get expense records that will come in handy for the next revenue expectations.

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