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Competition for Australia Immigration Getting Stiff

by John

There have been a lot of talks about immigration in Australia now. An erstwhile Prime Minister if Australia Tony Abbott has been popular for talking about immigration cuts from 1, 90,000 to 1, 10,000.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has already talked about cutting immigration from 1,90,000 to 1,60,000. He is worried about congestion in the cities getting caused due to immigration.

He understands that there are problems in Australian cities due to immigration which means no more admission happening in schools anymore etc. The schools already have the required quota of admissions.

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The FairFox-Ipsos Poll concluded that a larger percentage of Australians are in favor of immigration. 52% desire immigration while 48% are against it. This poll was done in October 2018. In another survey done in August-September, similar results were yielded by the Scanlon Foundation survey. One of these surveys was done by an interviewer and the sample size was 1,500. The second survey had a sample size of 2,260 and the respondents completed the questionnaire online. Both the surveys included 77 questions with a major percentage of them being on immigration so that public opinion could be known on them. In the first survey which was taken by an interviewer, the results were that 44% of the respondents felt that immigration was quite high. However, for the second survey done online, 43% of the respondents felt immigration was more.

The Scanlon foundation also questioned the participants in another survey what was the most important problem in Australia currently. In 2018, a very low 7% of the participants felt that immigration was the most important of problems. In 2015, only 3% felt so but now its 7%. In another survey, respondents indicated, 54% of them, that immigration was causing overcrowding of cities, 49% indicated that immigration was having an effect on prices of housing and 48% at insufficient management of the growing population due to immigration. Another survey about whether immigration caused an improvement in Australian society, 82% indicated a favorable response. However, in a survey on whether immigrants are having a positive impact on the Australian economy, 80% said yes. 81% of the respondents in the survey on whether multiculturalism benefits Australia agreed with it. A survey on whether immigration policies should be attuned with respect to race or ethnicity, 78% disagreed with it. In a survey which was conducted whether immigration has an impact on crime, only 7% agreed with it. Only 1% of the respondents felt that immigrants were not beneficial for the economy.

So, there is a lot of positivity surrounding immigration in Australia. Australia immigration requires a skill assessment to be gained by the candidate. Australia has 2 visas for skilled immigration which are the 189 and the 190 visas. These 2 visas help non-Australians get a PR for this country.  Nile Migration knows how imperative immigration is for you. Get help from immigration from us and make your way to the shores of Australia. Competition is going to be high for Australia immigration as Scott Morrison plans to reduce immigration from 1,90,000 to 1,60,000 to sustain the population. So, you need professional help.

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