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Cityfurnish, India’s leading furniture and home appliance rental service provider, introduces “Zior,” a unique new furniture fulfilment service that offers consumers with all of the furniture they need for their homes in one spot and at low pricing.

Cityfurnish has been dominating the furniture rental industry for years and now the company has decided to target a new market with its new online furniture fulfillment brand – “Zior” with which they strive to rule the furniture purchasing industry alongside rental industry.

Since its foundation, Cityfurnish has always been about making people’s lives easier and more comfortable with its products and services. Earlier they were doing so by providing furniture rental services with benefits like nominal furniture rental subscription fee, free delivery & pickup, free installation & maintenance, and more. But as the furniture industry is growing year by year, so is Cityfurnish – still with the aim to make more livelihoods as comfortable as they can.

And that’s where ZIOR comes into play!

Zior is on the mission to become India’s largest and the most renowned furniture brand, offering high-quality furniture at a reasonable price.

With ‘Zior,’ the company strives to rock the Indian furniture industry and seeks to change the way the segment perceives its products and services. Now, consumers around the country can not only rent furniture online but they can also buy furniture online and progressively furnish their homes, piece by piece, without compromising the quality of living that they enjoy.

The company sells sleek, modern, and high-quality furniture that enhances the appearance of your space while sticking to your budget. The company not only has the amazing furniture collection, but it also comes with a lot of other perks including free delivery and installation. Zior currently operates in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Gurgaon, Delhi Ghaziabad, and Noida.

But that’s not all. Zior has something special to offer. The company can also create unique, solid, furniture for you! That’s right! You may arrange all your rooms anyway you like with whatever kind of furniture you want, whether it’s bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, living room furniture, or study room furniture.

Yes, Zior provides customized furniture according to your requirements and style so you can furniture your home beautifully without compromising your taste.

“With Zior, you don’t have to settle for less. You get what you want – at the right price!”

Zior also provides an in-house furniture delivery service to further enhance your customer satisfaction and experience. The Zior squad is always ready to assist its clients. Employees on Zior delivery trucks interact directly with consumers to handle frequent questions on the job, such as sending different product sizes or colours.

Zior’s in-house delivery enhances the customer experience while lowering typical delivery times by up to two days.

“We are dedicated to offering our whole collection to customers fast and effortlessly. We make furniture to make your lives much more comfortable and stylish. Having quality furniture warehoused near our clients gives us a significant competitive edge.”

Zior is dedicated to delivering more alternatives to the thousands of customers who visit their website day after day. The brand is thrilled to announce the addition of their limited edition, stylish furniture range to the online platform. The collection expands Cityfurnish’s online customers’ access to brand new furniture and home décor, now combining hundreds of other products now available to both rent as well as purchase.

Let’s see what Zior has to offer you!

Perks of buying furniture online from Zior

  • Free Express Shipping
    You don’t have to wait for a long time to get all your furniture. Zior provides you with a reliable free express shipping service that delivers your furniture in no time.
  • Free Installation
    You don’t need to hire more people or pay extra to get your furniture installed. Zior team will handle it all for you.
  • No Cost EMI
    You don’t have to pay everything all at once if you don’t want to or can’t afford to, you can always opt for Zior no cost EMI option.
  • Built to Last
    Zior furniture collection has been crafted with passion, with high quality, solid wood, that is meant to last for a long time.

Wondering how the customized furniture service works? Here’s how – 

Buy furniture online from Zior – Here’s how it works!

Buying furniture from Zior is super easy and convenient. You can do it from the comfort of your home, without spending days wandering different offline furniture markets to find and purchase various pieces of furniture.

As we all know, Cityfurnish has always prioritized its customers’ needs and has always fulfilled them with utmost sincerity. Well, they have applied the same to Zior as well.

Customers’ needs are Zior’s top priority as well. It understands the market, the households, how furnishing works, how each room can be designed. That’s why it offers all kinds of furniture – all sizes and shapes, with a variety of designs.

  • Visit Zior’s website and select your city.
  • Explore the furniture collection and select the products that you want to buy.
  • Go to your cart, fill in your details, and finish buying the selected products.
  • That’s it! Your furniture will be delivered within no time via express delivery service.

Zior has easy EMI option as well. So, you don’t even have to worry about paying it all upfront or all at once if you do not want to. Select whatever suits you best.

Not only do you have the option to do that, but you also get to demand for what you want. Yes! In case you do not find what you are looking for, they also provide you with the option to make a request and you will certainly get your desired furniture.

Furniture Products Provided – 

  • Buy bedroom furniture online Whether it’s a single or double bed, a pillow, or anything else that you would need for your bedroom decor. You will discover everything you need to make the bedroom feel wonderful and tailored to your preferences. You can have whatever size bed, storage, table, or anything else you wish. Zior has it everything.
  • Buy living room furniture online – Zior provides everything you need to make your living area seem elegant and uptight, from stylish sofa sets to coffee tables and chairs. Enough to wow anybody who comes into your home and notices it.
  • Buy dining room furniture online – Zior provides dining tables of different shapes and sizes. So, regardless of the size of your family, the number of people you like to host, or the size of your dining room, Zior has you covered with classy and budget friendly dining room furniture.
  • Buy study room furniture online – Zior can help you in creating a focused environment. Buy study room furniture online to store your books, paperwork, and other belongings in one area. Get yourself a study table or w workstation to work on and a comfy chair to sit on while you work.

Cityfurnish’s ZIOR has everything that a person would need to furnish their homes exactly the way they want, without worrying about spending too much or burning a hole in their pockets.

From its furniture collection range to its price range, Zior is the perfect place to buy furniture online!

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