Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Mesh Fencing

If you own a lifestyle block, a larger farm, or even a quarter-acre section in town, there are many reasons why a wire mesh fence is a wise investment. The primary purpose of a fence is to keep your pets or other animals in, but it can also be used to keep pests and vermin out. The different types of fencing available today make good sense no matter why you need a fence.

Due to their ideal aperture, sizes, and black PVC finish, welded products are increasingly being used for fencing. This product is perfect for fencing rural acreage and general property fencing. In most cases, this would be a customer-specific order for a two-metre wide product. This fence’s purpose is to protect the chickens from animals that may want to harm them. 

If you want to keep your small animals and birds safe, you should look for a PVC range that provides great visibility, allowing you to keep an eye on your prized pets and birds. It is comparable to your standard galvanised or colored wires. This black PVC coated fence has the advantage of providing a significantly less abrasive finish to better protect feathers, animal and reptile skins, as well as keeping unwanted guests out of the enclosure.

Once you have sourced a really good wire mesh supplier you will discover that they will provide you with various forms and finishes of welded mesh products and should even be able to source special products – different wire diameters, aperture width size and widths and lengths. 

Probably the most underrated area of wire mesh fencing is welded wire mesh for chicken wire fences.

Since the wire diameters are thicker than traditional wire netting, they tend to be stronger and more robust, which means they can keep chickens in as well as predators out. You would be well advised to find a good wire mesh fence supplier, whether you live on a farm or in town.

Wire Mesh specialises in providing premium quality wire fencing and enclosure mesh products at affordable prices. The specialists at Aviary Wire Mesh have a deep knowledge of wire mesh fencing and barrier products and provide clients with a high level of expertise in regards to what the best fencing solution is for any given purpose. Visit their website for more information!

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