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Choosing Accessories For Your Mobile Phone

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Nokia has a wide range of mobile accessories. Suitable for all Nokia mobile phones.

Bluetooth Accessories

For example, there are many Bluetooth headphones designed for various Bluetooth enabled phones. Don’t miss out on a Bluetooth speaker for your home or office.

stereo headphones

There are plenty of stereo headphones with headphones, and if you want to control your phone and music without mobile phone accessories near me taking your phone out of your pocket, the Nokia Display Headset HS-69.

With the headset you can do the following:

– See on the LCD who is completing and what is being produced.

– It weighs only 40 grams, lighter than a wrist watch and at 77 x 22 x 15 mm, you can easily find it.

– Enjoy high quality audio and stereo headphones with clear sound.

– Control the phone and listen to music with different action keys.


Mini speakers, Bluetooth speakers, display speakers, car speakers, desktop speakers, speakers – all are suitable speakers for Nokia phones.


The Nokia has a suitable USB port charger in addition to the rechargeable car charger. High efficiency chargers Mobile chargers Multiple chargers Chargers and adapters

Car Solutions

There are many Nokia car kits, speakers and cases for safety and comfort while driving with your mobile phone.

Adjustable Nokia Display Car Kit CK-600 will be installed on your dashboard. Allows you to speak and hear clearly while using free hands and contact details.

Use Active Year Management to synchronise your contact details directly with Car Kit. You can play your mobile music with your car speakers.

Manage your style.

Pick up whatever Nokia phone you have and keep it in style.

From fun socks to socks to modern leather upholstery and of course Nokia’s classic jewelery collection to dress up your phone in a way that suits your style.

Need accessories? 

Buy Nokia Accessories from Melbourne Mobile.

If you use your mobile phone a lot and use a lot of creativity, most users will find that they need to charge their phone every day. The very careful will notice that their mobile phone charges for a few days. The availability of telepathy different types of mobile phone chargers is very convenient as you can in any case charge your phone in unusual situations. A normal phone only has one original charger, and that’s usually not enough.

There are many chargers for mobile phones, such as chargers, USB chargers, car chargers and secondary chargers. so you can adjust the type of charger you want. We have provided this quick customer guide.

Replacement charging cable

With this type of charger, you can charge your phone from the main power store in your area. It basically includes 3 pins for English and Irish statements. Or they have two pins in Europe and can manage voltages from 110 V to 240 V AC, and all the major manufacturers offer the original charger as a separate access, for example Puma their own has developed fast mobile chargers. Naturally, if not better than the original thing, it is considered better. Please note that many cheap imported mobile phone chargers are of poor quality and made to the same electrical standards.

Car charger

If you want to charge your mobile phone while in the car, sometimes you need a car charger or a car charger as described. This unit connects to your car’s cigarette lighter and charges your phone like a real mobile phone charger. You can buy more from the original manufacturers or third party products at competitive prices.

Replace the USB mobile charger

If you travel a lot on your laptop computer, it would be recommended that you use a USB charger. It allows you to charge your mobile phone with a USB port. You can usually connect other components such as a webcam, keyboard and mouse. and other mobile devices

Emergency charger

This is especially true for times when you want to charge your cell phone quickly. The two versions of the product in stock are Mo-Go Emergency Mobile Phone and Mobile Emergency Charger. The great thing about this type of charger is that it only requires a standard alkaline battery to work and can be disconnected from your keychain. Very easy to use.

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