Characteristics of a Non-Woven Needle Filter Felt

Characteristics of a Non-Woven Needle Filter Felt

March 22, 2021 0 By Rahul Pandey

Non-woven needle filter felt has become extremely popular in recent times. Its physical characteristics, chemical characteristics, dust removal characteristics, and specific characteristics have made it the talk of the town. Everyone seems to want non-woven needle filter felt. It is highly useful in an industrial setting. If you are thinking of getting non-woven needle filter felt and want to learn more about its characteristics, you have come to the right place. This post shares all the information that you are looking for. Let’s get started.

1.     Physical Characteristics

Starting with the physical characteristics, it is important to know what the non-woven needle filter felt can offer in a physical sense. This is broken down as below.

  • Weight: The most important reason why non-woven needle filter felt is the most popular option is because it is of the right weight. It allows for it to be used for providing the best performance.
  • Thickness: Another great thing about the needle filter felt is that it is not too thick. Thus, it offers the filtration efficiency and fabric strength that you are looking for.
  • Air Permeability: It is a crucial parameter for the filter fabric.
  • Wear Resistance: The non-woven needle filter felt is used as it offers incredible wear resistance. Its flexibility allows it to change the fabric structure and fiber shape depending on its use.
  • Strength: Its tensile and breaking strength allow it to be robust and provide excellent quality.

2.     Chemical Characteristics

  • Abrasion Resistance: The non-woven needle filter fabric provides abrasion resistance that is superior to other materials.
  • Temperature Resistance: The fabric can be used in high temperature unlike other materials. It would continue to work even when there is a surge in temperature. This makes needle felt the right choice for dust collector bags.

3.     Dust Removal Characteristics

  • Drag Coefficient: The non-woven needle filter felt has a drag coefficient which allows it to collect more dust.
  • Dynamic Air Resistance: The dynamic air resistance of the fabric ensures that it can continue to work in all types of conditions.
  • Dynamic Dust Removal: The dynamic dust removal properties of the non-woven needle filter felt allow it to effectively remove dust from the premises.

4.     Specific Characteristics

  • Water Resistance: The fabric provides amazing water resistance.
  • Oil Resistance: As the fabric is oil-resistant, it can be used in just about every type of industry.
  • Anti-Static: A great thing about the material is that it is anti-static. Thus, it would not be affected by wear and tear.


When you start using a non-woven needle filter felt, you will realize just how amazing it is. It will make your life a whole lot easier. You can use it for performing a variety of tasks. It is designed to simplify the work. You can use it in a variety of industrial settings.

With a non-woven needle filter felt, you will not need to stress about the usual problems such as water or oil spills.

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