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ChangiWifi: A WiFi for Travel Perfect for Your Travel Goals

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One of the goals of travelling is to experience the beauty of different places. Each place you visit can offer you a unique experience based on the location’s food, music, culture, and natural and man-made locations designated for sightseeing, shopping, and other vacation activities you can do. Of course, the best way to save the beauty of these memories is by taking a picture of them. Moreover, to share your marvellous vacation experience with others, you can post it on social media for others to see it.

When you travel, chances are you have to spend money to purchase internet data which sometimes may be inefficient and costly, especially if you love to document your travel online. One way to be cost-efficient is by using Wi-Fi for travel. It gives you strong and reliable internet access and can be shared with others if you travel as a group. To know more about this fantastic tool here is some information you can read to inform yourself.

ChangiWifi: A WiFi for Travel.

Looking at your bucket list and ensuring that you will be able to visit your dream destination like Cebu, the Queen City of the South or explore Singapore, the Lion City, is overly exciting. Travelling to these places while staying connected to your loved ones and the rest of the world is not easy, especially if you do not have the right tools.

Gladly, ChangiWifi, a technological device, is made to cater for the demands of communication while travelling. It will help you to stay connected in the virtual world while exploring the beauty of the real world.

ChangiWiFi: What to offer?

What is ChangiWifi, and what does it do? This is probably the first question that comes into your mind, and we are here to answer it. ChangiWiFi is a wireless router that offers WiFi connectivity to any gadget with a WiFi connection setting. A secure internet connection makes all of your data inside safe and secure.

Where and how to get it?

ChangiWifi is available at Changi Airport. When collecting, all you have to do is visit the store on site and explain the general details of your travel like where to go and how long you are travelling. You don’t have to buy it, you can just rent one before your flight, and the worker will configure the sim and the router so it fits your chosen destination. Each sim contains a different package depending on your destination and how long you’ll stay there. Also, a support group is 24/7 open on WhatsApp to cater to all your needs.

Why is ChangiWiFi a game changer?

Perfect for Group Travel

If you are travelling as a group, this WiFi can save your group all the expenses of purchasing individual data. A hotspot may no longer be an option as it can cause lower internet speed. This device allows up to 6 devices to connect and share your internet data and experience a fast, unlimited, reliable internet connection when visiting different places. Also, it is set to adapt to the location’s strongest telecom, which adds to its advantage.

Of course, being portable, it needs to be charged up for it to be used the next day, but if you’re in a small group, then the total charge can last up to three days.

Practical for Individual Use

Now, if you are an individual traveller, the very first thing you might think of is to buy a local sim card. Yes, this can be an option, but there are a lot of drawbacks to this idea.

You must ensure that your phone is eligible to work in your location. Some phones need to be unlocked for them to function. In addition, since each country has different telecoms, the sim card you purchase might work best in your first location but won’t in the next.

Moreover, suppose you are travelling for business. It is best to have a strong and reliable connection since communication goes between mobile applications like messenger and WhatsApp and less than texting, so there is no need to purchase.

Furthermore, it’s impractical to purchase one when you stay for a couple of days and won’t be using it afterwards. Despite being designed for groups; this item is practical when used by individual travellers having the same benefits.

Staying connected to the world while experiencing the beauty of your travel can now be achieved easily with the help of ChangiWiFi. Your loved ones will now not worry wherever you are, and you can continue to update them and share the wonderful experience you had, all thanks to this wifi for a travel device.

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