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Can Physiotherapy in Edmonton Help Elders Prevent from Falling?

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You will be surprised to learn that one-third of the elderly population in Canada is prone to falling. They can get dizzy and lose their balance and suffer injuries because of falling. The elders above the age of sixty are at greater risk of injuring themselves. The elders can visit clinics offering physiotherapy in Edmonton to treat pain after hip fracture, spine and head injury, and immobility.

Physiotherapy in Edmonton Preventing Fall in Elders

The patients need to know the different ways by which the therapists help the elders from falling. First, they will collect all the necessary information regarding the cause of the fall. A physical examination of the patient is conducted to check the intensity of the problem.

At first, the expert physio in Edmonton will help the patients treat the wounds. The therapists will use various treatment options like laser therapy, shockwave therapy, acupuncture, and Deep Oscillation therapy to heal scar tissues during an injury.

The Best Physiotherapy Clinics in Edmonton Suggesting Tips

When elders visit a clinic offering the best physiotherapy in Edmonton for treatment, there are a few suggestions that patients and their attendants have to consider if they want to prevent further falling.   These tips can also be considered preventive measures that the elders can take.

Change Clothes while Sitting

A young person is strong to do everything while standing, like changing clothes. But elders can lose their balance when they are just standing. So, think about how they can do things while standing. They can feel dizzy and might fall. It has been recommended that seniors always sit down and change clothes.

Do Not Immediately Stand After a Long Sleep

The therapists at physiotherapy clinics in Edmonton will suggest elders not immediately get up from the bed after a long night’s sleep. Getting up at once will cause dizziness, so it has been recommended to wait for at least one to two minutes before leaving the bed.

Install Handles for Extra Support

The elders need support to stand up and even sit down. The therapists at clinics like Regenerate Shockwave Therapy suggest the elders walk, stand, and sit with a stick. In the places where a walking stick is impossible to take, railing and handles have to be installed, like in the bathroom.

Do Not Close the Lights at Night

Some elders have a habit of waking up at night and going out for a walk in the garden. It is important to keep soft lights open throughout the house. This way, the seniors can look where they are going and not stumble into furniture.

Never Let the Floor Wet for a Long Time

The wet floor can be dangerous for both elders and youngsters too. Both can slip and get hurt, but the intensity of injury in elders is more because their bodies are fragile. So, the wet floor should be immediately cleaned to prevent accidents.

The Shoes and Clothes should be Appropriate

Wearing the right shoes will prevent the elders from because they will not slip. Also, the clothes shouldn’t interfere with the correct walking as they must be comfortable.

Reasons Why Elder are Prone to Falling

According to experts of physiotherapy in Edmonton, there are several reasons why elders are prone to falling. They don’t intend to fall down on purpose; the following reasons can be explained for their fall.

  1.       The muscles can become weak as elders age. This causes restrictions in the movement and causes them to fall.
  2.       Seniors fear falling because they can’t keep their balance on several occasions.
  3.       Weak eyesight can be another reason why elders can fall.
  4.       The elders can bump into things and furniture around the house.

These are some of the ways physiotherapists suggest to prevent elders from falling.

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