Can Anyone Tow? Tips and Tricks for Towing

Can Anyone Tow? Tips and Tricks for Towing

February 5, 2019 0 By Anonymus

If you live in Melbourne and you need to tow a caravan, or anything else for that matter, then you need to know the basics. More than that – there are tips and tricks for towing that will make your life easier, no matter where you live! Melbourne has some specific towing laws though and we want to make sure nobody is breaking them…
Let’s find out if you are one of the privileged who are legally allowed to tow. If not, what do you need to do to get towing? Further: we can pass on some of our best towing tricks, just to make your life a little easier.

Can Anyone Tow in Victoria?

No! Those who have a partial license, like a learner’s permit, are not legally allowed to tow anything. You need to be fully licensed before you begin towing things. There are other things you need to be sure of too; like the towing weight capacity, which cannot be exceeded. You must also make sure that there is nobody inside the caravan when you are on the road.
Weight is a huge problem for towers in Victoria. The reason? If you exceed the amount of weight your vehicle can legally tow you may end up leaving your caravan and parts of your car on the road! You can find out how much your vehicle can safely tow by checking the manufacturers’ handbook. Likewise, you can find out how much your caravan weighs because it will be written on the tow bar. If it isn’t, you can always contact your caravan manufacturer to find out.

If all of this sounds a little complex, then don’t panic. Help is available for all. Contact Fast Melbourne Towing and they will take care of it all on your behalf. This is by far the easiest way to tow if you don’t know what you are doing. It will save you time, effort, and won’t be as expensive as you might think.

Tips and Tricks for Towing Success!

If you do decide to go ahead and tow yourself, here are our top 3 tips on making it easier.

1 – The Breakaway Law
In Australia, anything being towed needs a braking system of its own. Always check this works before you set off or you could be breaking the law!
2 – Don’t Tow Greater Than Your Vehicle Weight
Pulling a 7-ton caravan with a 3-ton car is just silly. You might get it started but you will have trouble making it stop, stay on course, or corner without tipping. Try to tow less than your vehicle weight for optimum control.
3 – Take it Slow
Never was the saying “More hurry, less rush” truer than it is with towing. If you speed you are going to arrive at your destination with a caravan whose contents are all over the place. If you don’t want your mobile home to look like a bomb has been dropped on it; take it easy on the way there. Keep it below fifty and you should be fine… provided you have followed the rules!

Lastly – remember that you cannot go above 100kmph when towing a trailer. Any more than that and you are driving illegally. Otherwise, good luck out there! Don’t forget there is always Fast Melbourne Towing should you get stuck.

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