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Can A Worker’s Compensation Claim Be Denied

Insurance companies are always reluctant to compensate employees, and this is why many people choose to work with worker’s compensation lawyers. When dealing with an insurance company after getting injured at work, there is a lot that a person needs to do. It is crucial to work with a workers’ compensation attorney to get compensated. Your workers’ compensation claim can be denied in the following situations.

  • Your Accident Was Not Witnessed

Insurance companies question unwitnessed accidents. So, if you were injured and there was no one to witness the accidents, or there was no camera to record the accident, you have no option but to let go. However, it will be crucial to tell your coworkers or any other person present about the injury. Show them where you were injured, and make sure you give the exact details.  

  • Your Accident Report and Medical Records Have a Discrepancy

When evaluating the claim, insurers look at the statement the employee gives about how the accident occurred. If the story you give to your supervisor differs from the one you give your doctor, your case may be denied. One thing you need to know is that insurers always look for a simple glitch in your story to avoid paying you. So, make sure the story you tell your coworkers and supervisor is the same story you tell your doctor.

  • You Did Not Give the Insurers a Recorded Statement

You will need to provide a recorded statement about the accident and the injuries you incurred. Unfortunately, many employees fail on this part. A recorded statement is not mandatory, but if the company asks for it, it means they may have an issue with your claim. So, make sure you have the statement in case the insurer asks for it.

  • You Delayed to Report the Injuries

It is advisable to report the injuries immediately after the accident happens. Insurers assume that you were not hurt in a situation where you did not report the accident immediately. So, report the accident immediately to get medical attention and avoid your claim being denied.

  • You Filed the Claim After Being Fired

Sometimes a person may innocently fail to file a claim until the time they are fired. There is a high chance that the insurance company will not compensate you after you are fired. They presume this as a case of revenge. This is one big reason why you should not delay filing the claim. If you are thinking of filing the claim after getting laid off, there is a high chance that you will not be able to convince the insurers.

  • There is Evidence of Illegal Drugs in your System

When you get to the hospital for medical attention, the doctor will conduct various tests to show your condition. If the report shows that there are traces of illegal drugs in your system, your claim may be promptly denied. The insurer will definitely not compensate you in case there is evidence that you use illegal drugs.

The Takeaway!

Insurers manipulate employees and do everything they can to avoid compensating them. It is crucial to know the things that risk the denial of your workers’ compensation claim. Hopefully, we have helped you understand what can make your case be denied.

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