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China without any second thought is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world. It has become an investor’s heaven and this isn’t an exaggeration. The economic reforms started in the country in the late 1970s and it has been planned very well for its growth in the long run. Apart from the investments, China makes globally, it has also provided a platform for other investors to invest in China in the form of foreign direct Investments. 

With the business environment in China taking very good shape, it’s very much essential for the budding entrepreneurs to take advantage of this scenario and invest in China with the idea of doing business right. There are certain things that an entrepreneur must be aware of while planning to do business in China. Check here for more details: 

The first and foremost thing would be registering a business in China. There are a few steps. You need to follow to register your business so that you don’t face any legal complications. 

Get the help of an agency

 The Chinese policies along with the administration have made it quite complex for you to get your business registered in China. However, if you get the help of an agency, the entire process seems like a cakewalk. The interpretation of the various laws in starting a company in China to the various steps involved in the preparation of the documents the entire technique and process is very overwhelming. However, the agencies make it seem very seamless and quick. 

These agencies are managed by professionals who’ve been in this very same field for years together and they’ve helped a lot of immigrants to set up businesses in China. They know the nitty-gritty of the trouble involved in setting up a business for an outsider. Apart from just helping you in registering the business in China, there are other activities they could do on your behalf for registration of business in China like audit, tax advisory, payroll, tax evasion and finance records maintenance. 

Scope of the company

The Chinese government has provided categorization of different companies to ensure that the economy isn’t affected due to its highly distributed nature. It’s a well-known fact that China follows a very stringent policy of centralization and a clear-cut categorization has helped China to maintain the centralization policy at a top-notch level. Learning about the different categorization procedures is a very tedious process. The catalogues are generally in Chinese and it’s very difficult to interpret. These kinds of agencies would help you in interpreting what is in the document in simple language.

For example, if your business scope falls under the manufacturing sector, then there is a different procedure to get your business registered under the manufacturing domain in China. 

Get the right documentation

The agency could help you register the business and ensure that your company falls under the current government regulation. However, the right documentation should be provided to them if you want to have a very quick process. These are the required documentation that has to be in place. 

Name of the company

The name of the company is a highly important factor and it should be very unique. You shouldt copy or take references from other companies that could create royalty issues. Moreover, the name should be accredited by the industry of China, the approval process generally takes about 15 days and it also depends upon the city where you plan to open and run your business.

  • Name of Partners

The name of Partners and other shareholders who helped to run the company should be mentioned. You’ve to keep in mind that shareholding is indeed allowed in China. 

  • Feasibility

The feasibility of the business is to understand how it would perform in the long run. It isn’t just for the business operators alone; it’s essential for the government also to understand the feasibility levels of your business to provide the required resources. This is another important piece of documentation. 

Apart from all of this, you’ve to apply for a proper business license. Once you get your Chinese visa for doing business in China, these are some of the most important steps an immigrant must follow to get your business registered. 

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