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Bring Sparkle to Your Bridal Outfits with Diamond Mangalsutra

India is a country rich in cultural traditions, and one such tradition is the auspicious Hindu marriages, in which the mangalsutra plays a crucial part. A mangalsutra is put on around the bride’s neck by the groom to signify their legal union.

A diamond mangalsutra is a necklace made of extremely precious metals and stones like gold and diamonds that are strung together with black and golden beads. It is a sacred tradition in Hindu marriage for women who have been married to adorn it. Since ‘mangal’ means auspicious and ‘sutra’ means thread, mangalsutra is a “holy thread or cords.” 

As a modern fashion statement, mangalsutras have evolved beyond being a traditional decoration. The simple and time-honoured designs have evolved into a variety of modern, minimalistic components. Today’s brides have continued to favour diamond jewellery over pure gold, which is currently very fashionable. Instead of the conventional foliage and flower themes that were formerly highly widespread and popular designs, it now incorporates different patterns and alphabets.

Want to make an impression? View a variety of beautiful mangalsutra designs online to find your personal style.

Solitaire Diamond Mangalsutra

The solitaire mangalsutra has everyone head over heels in love and is in high demand, being worn by numerous celebrities. Since Deepika Padukone chose it for her wedding recently, it has become the most frequently questioned and discussed fashion choice. Solitaire mangalsutra may be what you’re looking for if you want to maintain a touch of tradition while creating it in a modern manner.

It is constructed of either black beads or black and golden beads, all of which are joined to a brilliant solitaire, giving it an ultra-chic appeal that goes with both modern and classic fashions.

Slight Glam

Those who prefer non-flashy products may opt for this. An ideal choice that is more conventional in look is a diamond mangalsutra that is minimalistic and chic. It includes a traditional touch, such as gold and black beads and a small pendant that makes it excellent for modern women.

Made to Order

Our favourite celebrities frequently serve as inspiration for creative and enticing ideas for fashion. The best thing about customisation is that you don’t have to stick with the same conventional designs. Put your own spin on tradition and do something special to personalise them. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, a well-known Bollywood actress, recently customised her mangalsutra by placing a solitaire in the centre and adding the star signs of her husband and herself. 

Mangalsutra in Meenakari

This is for individuals who desire to preserve the timeless feel of the past. The best diamond mangalsutra design, it finds its roots in Rajasthan. The best thing about meenakari is that it comes in a variety of brilliant colours and patterns that allow for some degree of personalisation.

Mangalsutra with a Long Chain

Mangalsutra designs have been the subject of numerous experiments. With knot details, these pieces have a high-low chain pattern. In the current environment, it is still a highly popular design.

Although mangalsutra has changed over the years in terms of size, style, and sleekness, it will always be in style. What are you waiting for? A piece of jewellery that denotes marriage should be distinctive and appealing.

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