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Blockster Is a Forum for Cryptocurrency Experts is about the development of the crypto industry. Its functionality is designed for the development of any business in the crypto sphere in one place.

Our feature list includes:

Network of thousands of top cryptocurrencies and blockchain businesses Business Page; Latest industry news, market trends, interviews with executives, event submissions, and more expert details in Blockdesk; Blockchat Telegram style messaging program; Distributed and reliable real-time data on the cryptocurrency market Blockwatch is powered by Chainlink.

New crypto components such as NFTs and crypto games.

A self-serving platform that allows businesses to reach the target audience of the most targeted crypto blockchain ads. I think the best forum for cryptocurrencies. There are many articles with detailed explanations and comparisons of various cryptocurrencies. Useful interface, much better than Facebook. I recommend using this forum as an aggregator for much crypto news with an informative article (even for developers).

The best crypto social network

Blockster connects everyone within the blockchain industry to a single location all cryptocurrencies, project-following groups, and, traders and investors. Connect and connect with the very core of the blockchain industry, and stay ahead of market trends with Blockster.

A great initiative whereby users can gather all of their cryptocurrency data in one spot. It’s very easy to view everything about cryptocurrencies, there are price charts, and you can sign up for cryptocurrency promoters!

The first crypto-in-one hub and blockchain

Blockster is a revolutionary ad platform powered by the BXR token. The forum is designed to bring together crypto media advertisers, investors, journalists, analysts, promoters, and enthusiasts. The main goal of its developers is to create a model crypto-centric networking ecosystem with no systematic divisions and sector-specific research through common forums. Fast technical support, an easy-to-use application, many cryptocurrencies.

In fact, because it is relatively new and will eventually improve and improve, I still love Blokster’s versatility and variety of content, as well as the people listed there as modest and tolerant. I really like Blockster. They have a cool interface, useful information, and continuous improvement. Articles in Blockdesk are published daily, and the NFT contest won me over!

The best social media platform for crypto lovers!

Blockster is a social network that focuses on crypto and blockchain. It is aimed at cryptocurrency users who are looking for opportunities to make money by investing and trading digital assets. Blockster will have its own native currency, a Blockster (BXR) token that will be used for advertising. This means that we will have the opportunity to market our cryptocurrency projects without the same restrictions as Facebook!

Blockster The Best Crypto Platform

Not long ago 4-5Month back I heard about Blockster. How? It is from my enthusiastic crypto friends that a good project is being started by the first bird. I don’t know much about Blockster. I research, which is a daily basis, I find it a great project and a new concept in the crypto community that made friends with all the other cryptos and started relationships with many projects. Every day is moving fast. From reading to gaining everywhere you will find Blockster great project.

Blockster is an all-encompassing social media platform for crypto lovers. It is a place for blockchain hustlers to connect, create, learn, and get it all in one place. Instead of jumping from one place to another to connect with other members of the crypto community, get the latest blockchain and crypto news, and check out live pricing, all integrated into Blockster.

If you are already investing and trading in digital assets, or are interested in getting started, Blockster is a great place for veterans and newbies.


Since the advent of Bitcoin, different communities have emerged in different forums that meet different needs. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Telegram have the following major crypto, but, if users want to check live market prices, they should go to a site like CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko. Reddit is the preferred platform for many in the crypto sphere to debate their views. However, if they want to watch the crypto video guide, they will probably understand YouTube. With Blockster, there will be no more jumping between sites, Blockster users will be able to connect, network, debate, share information, learn, and trade all in one place.

Blockster (BXR) Roadmap

BXR token sales will be divided into 6 different categories that sell a total of 10 million BXR tokens (10% of Token Token Supply). Each phase will be run on Blockfunder, the platform for launching the IEO token on the Digitex cryptocurrency exchange.

Blockster is a social network with user-generated crypto and blockchain content. It is aimed at cryptocurrency users who are looking for opportunities to make money by investing and trading digital assets.

Blockster throws a total of 1,000,000 BXR to airdrop participants. Register on their website, complete simple social activities, and submit your details to earn 10 BXR tokens. Also, earn 1 BXR for each transfer.

Step By Step Guide:

  • Visit the Blockster website.
  • Click on “Join waiting list”.
  • Submit your details and register.
  • Confirm your email and sign in.
  • Complete simple social activities to earn ten entries.
  • Each entry is 1 BXR.
  • And get 1 BXR for each transfer.
  • You will receive a detailed email request for your tokens after the end of the Blockster Phase 6 token sale token.

Note: Hire top NFT Consultant for your project

Blockster Holdings is made up of 25+ high-value individuals and businesses based in the UK and UAE, whose initial investment of $ 1.9 million makes the company $ 25 million from 2020. The cycle of fundraising A is now underway. The Blockster Token (BXR) is a utility token in which all advertising and trading on the Blockster platform is performed. The total amount of BXR tokens issued is 100 million tokens currently held by Blockster Holdings. -work for an advertising platform.

I like the idea that crypto community experts will have their place and find what was on the agenda in one product. It is also good to be able to discuss new ICO projects and where to invest and why. I think Blockster will help us a lot with this! We look forward to launching everyone’s product!

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