5 Black Friday Marketing Tips for Instagram 2018

5 Black Friday Marketing Tips for Instagram 2018

November 17, 2018 3 By Anonymus

With thanksgiving coming around, now is an ideal time for starting to think about the marketing on Instagram during Black Friday. Last year, more than 130m people joined conversation all around the world on Instagram for giving thanks, sharing holidays posts, and obviously, for shopping! In this article you will come to know about the best black friday marketing tips.

With this huge number of people shopping and sharing actively, you need to be sure that you optimize the marketing on Black Friday, thus you can easily target your audience, turn your posts in sales and also join in for the festive fun. Are you ready to level up the Instagram marketing on black Friday? Following are best 5 tops for getting started:

black friday marketing tips

1: Begin the marketing for Black Friday on Instagram Early and Finish Later

As the festive fun begins and ends early every year, so for really optimizing the marketing strategy on Black Friday, it is vital to concentrate on much than on only single day event. The festive period starts and ends earlier each year. So to really optimize your Black Friday marketing strategy, it’s important to focus on more than just the one-day event.

To get best results, begin by planning the content calendar before black Friday. Like, think of posting 2 or 3 days before the Black Friday by posting a teaser about the sales on Black Friday for your followers. Basically, an objective is to make a load of santander business online banking and getting lead in Black Friday by sharing the details of biggest bargains and sales of the business!

2: Make Vertical Video for Engaging Your Followers

Almost 1 out of 3 mobile buyers in the America call videos as the best way to discover the new products. So, try to use video content during Black Friday. You become able to link with the buyers via this medium which they trust and love while showing your products.

Think of making the video based content calendar to post on Instagram stories and IGTV. As the high quality videos for promotion seem great in your feed, content which is much spontaneous and human can help in resonating with the audience. For instance, you can share the video testimonials by customers who purchased products from you or make a post on behind-the-scenes of office preparations for Black Friday.

3: Make a Customized Hashtag for the Black Friday

Presently, there are more than 6.3 m posts having the hashtags of Black Friday on Instagram, while this number is going to increase this year. For preventing the marketing posts of Black Friday to get lost in the noise on platform, an excellent strategy is to make a customized hashtag for the brand in the season.

The customized hashtag for the Black Friday can be an excellent way of rewarding the followers for being so loyal to the brand during last few years and for making shopping easy for them. By consolidating the Black Friday posts with one customized hashtag, the followers will get able to look for the details regarding your sales and deals more easily!

Plus, with capability of following a customized hashtag, you are able to incite the follower for tuning-in on regular basis for catching up any deals as you resonate-in with the arrival of weekends.

4: Make Schedule of the Instagram Posts Much Frequently Than Normal

the weekend of thanksgiving, may be are not the best days for usual production of high engagement on Instagram account and Buy 10k Youtube Views as most of shoppers are busy in taking hours for grabbing the best deals of season. So, you would need to make a schedule about posting and engaging much often than normal during this period, thus you are able to maximize on this event and get a lot of followers as well as potential customers.

If you resonate-in the posts and deals for Black Friday, be sure that you make a good content for serving your audience.

5: Be sure that you get Extra Eyes and hands for Customer Comments and messages

The astounding 13m transactions were made online in 2017 during Black Friday, thus you may see the Instagram account being blown up during the Black Friday, this year. Be sure that your social team and you get on-hand for answering the direct messages and questions, particularly after you release your discount code or new sales. If you make the customer journey smoother by scrolling the feed for buying your products, you can boost the sales easily.

Think of making the library for go-to answers for few of highly commonly asked questions. It can be quite simple as “which countries do you ship to” or “how can I include the promo code at the checkout.” Quicker you make a response, higher will be your sales and better will be the engagement with your audience.


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