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Birthday Present Ideas For Car Lovers

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Birthday Present Ideas For Car Lovers

Everyone knows someone who enjoys cars, but getting them a gift can be difficult at times. Buying them a car or auto part is usually out of the question, but there are plenty of car-themed gifts available that they will enjoy. There is something for everyone’s likes, ages, and budgets, so you should be able to discover something that they will enjoy and appreciate. 

We’ve put together a selection of birthday present ideas below.

Customised T Shirts

You can’t go wrong with merchandise as a gift. With a range of different designs, you can browse from t shirts that feature a slogan of ‘eat, sleep, drive, repeat’ on which is perfect for mechanics, enthusiasts. Clothes can be used for every day use, and t shirts especially can be found online on the cheaper side, so you don’t have to break the bank finding a gift for a loved one.

 Customised T Shirts

Cars Coffee Mug

This is a fantastically amusing mug for any automotive enthusiast with a sense of comedy. On both sides of the mug is written in black, ‘I might look like I’m listening to you, but in my thoughts I’m thinking about cars.’ There are other variations that can be found online such as ‘I might look like I’m listening but in my head I’m watching Formula One’.

Mugs are always an ideal gift for tea and coffee lovers too so it’s a bonus!

Gear Shift Miniature Clock

Many online retailers stock this quirky miniature clock which is placed in a gear shift. The stick has numbers and a clock set below it. It’s the perfect gift for any car owners or petrolhead that loves everything to do with cars. You can place it on a bedside table, a desk, or anywhere you please.

Car Shaped 3D Night Light

This is a one-of-a-kind 3D illusion lamp. It has a wooden pedestal followed by an automobile form that lights up. It has a 3D feel and appears to be about to drive away. It includes an LED light that operates by hooking into a USB port, making it ideal for use as a desk lamp because it can be plugged into either a desktop computer or a laptop. It’s definitely a unique gift that will leave a long lasting impression on it’s recipient. 

Car Shaped 3D Night Light

Personal Number Plates

Private car number plates are a great gift for car enthusiasts who are keen on modifying and customising their car to make it’s appearance look more unique and distinct. The process is simple enough as you can customise a plate online, so the only worry you’ll have is deciding on a new number that the recipient will love! 

Auto Log Book

An auto log book allows drivers of any vehicle to keep track of repairs and maintenance performed on their vehicle. It features 110 pages and includes a mileage journal as well as a section for tracking repairs and maintenance. This means that when your car’s next service is due, you may keep the book up to date with everything you or a shop have done to it.

Auto Log Book

Grip and Stand for Phones

Ever thought about a popsocket, grip, and phone stand all in one? They are quite useful, and you can purchase one that are designed like a car gear change. It is collapsible so that the phone may be stored more simply, but it can also be expanded to watch videos, use Facetime, and other similar functions. It may be shifted from one device to another thanks to the adhesive. The car-related design truly makes it stand out.

Snow Foam Cannon Kit

This auto cleaning setup appears to be both entertaining and functional. It is a 5-piece package designed to keep the car looking its best at all times. It has a foam cannon that can be attached to a Karcher K series pressure washer or another suitable pressure washer. It also includes a microfiber cloth, cleaning mitt, wax pad, and chamois leather.

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