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Birthday decoration ideas for your home

by c-incognito
Birthday decoration

Birthday parties at home have always been common and they have become more so, after the Coronavirus pandemic. Listed in this article are some simple DIY birthday decoration ideas at home that you can get inspired from.

Birthday decoration at home: Essentials needed

To go about birthday decoration ideas at home, one needs to buy a few essentials keeping in mind the birthday decoration theme, home décor, space available, birthday person’s age, budget, etc. Today, one can either buy these birthday decoration at home items online and get them delivered at home or source it from local stores that sell fancy decoration accessories. If one is creatively inclined, one can make some colourful birthday party decorations at home too that can be used in your simple birthday decoration at home. You need balloons, confetti, foil curtains, banners, streamers, pom-poms, posters cut-outs etc. for simple birthday decoration ideas at home. You can also make use of ready-made photo booths as per the theme, honeycomb paper balls, bunting’s lights, party hats, lights, flowers, etc. for simple decoration for birthday party at home.

Birthday decoration ideas at home with a ‘happy birthday’ banner

Both simple birthday at home and elaborate birthday decoration ideas need birthday banners that are a crucial element and focal point of birthday decoration at home. Banners for birthday decoration at home are available in a variety of materials, from paper to fabric and in myriad shapes and sizes. Today, as part of birthday decoration ideas one gets small or big banners with various cartoon characters for kids, in multi-colour, double colour or even battery-operated LED string lights. Birthday banners as part of birthday decoration in home should be hung above the entrance or on the wall behind the food table, for it to be noticed. These make up for nice wall decoration ideas for birthday party at home.

Simple birthday decoration at home by table decoration

Birthday table decoration at home is important because the place where the cake will be kept must be aptly dressed up. Place it either in the centre of the room or standing against a wall. Instead of setting all desserts flat on the table, try to add different rows and levels to your dessert table with cake stands in varying heights, also arrange a beautiful buffet table. Go in for tiered platters for salads, cookies and mithais for a simple birthday table decoration at home. While executing birthday decoration ideas at home, opt for a subtle coloured table cloth that does not overpower the crockery or theme-based table cloth, while doing table decor. Sparkling dinnerware and coloured glassware are perfect for birthday decoration at home. Do not forget to add coloured ice cubes, fancy straws, edible flowers or carved fruits that can add a wow factor to the table décor.

Birthday decoration at home themes

Depending on the age of the person, one can select theme birthday decoration ideas right from Barbie, Chhota Bheem, unicorn, Marvel characters, Minions, retro, Bollywood, Arabian Nights, masquerade, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, etc. Themes can also be as simple as colour coding two or three décor items. The age of the birthday person can also become a theme, so that the birthday decoration at home can be done around this number. Once the theme is planned, select the decoration material, lights, etc., accordingly to blend with room decoration ideas for birthday that you have thought of. Ensure that the cake and other desserts are designed based on the theme. Birthday decoration images at home like the one below can be used for inspiration.

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