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Being in India means being a mute bystander to traffic jams, missed meetings, and disappointments. The discomfort of travelling on Indian roads is ancient, but there is now a nice solution – bike rental services!

If you commute to work, college, or anyplace else on a regular basis, you are well aware of the problems you encounter just to get from point A to point B. This everyday travel from work to home or vice versa is a massive effort. We are all familiar with the state of public transit and have seen crowds in metros or buses. The discomfort of standing in a crowd could not be measured post-Covid.

Take Gurgaon or Bangalore for example. They’re crowded and have the most traffic comparatively. And for many years now, these cities, even Delhi, have been listed among the top cities worldwide in regard to the volume of traffic that a person experiences. 

This isn’t a really noteworthy achievement. A person wastes 3 to 4 hours every day on average merely travelling between one place to the other.

Why? Of course, there’s traffic. Traveling by car or public transit complicates matters even further.

There are many reasons why travelling takes the major chunk of your daily commuting time and it becomes really inconvenient. A car seems to be something that not everybody can afford. As a result, many choose to take public transit. They have no control over public transportation’s schedules, crowds, or routes. Meanwhile, some people are not set up to deal with the chaos of bus riding. They prefer to commute by car, which makes avoiding traffic jams harder.

So, what’s the solution? What is the best way to travel? – Bike!

Bikes are the most convenient automobile that one can have. They’re fast, they save time, and they’re just easier to travel with or even maintain.

But what if you don’t have a bike? Or you don’t have the funds to buy one? Because even thought a bike helps you deal with traffic problem, it still is quiet expensive. So, how can you still have one?

Well, the solution is simple and extremely affordable – Bike rental services! Yes. Simply take a bike on rent and make your daily commute hassle-free.

Bike Rental Services – A Perfect Solution to Hassle Free Commute!

Bike rental services have grown in popularity in recent years. People are choosing this type of service as a convenient, affordable, and hassle-free mode of transportation for everyday commuting to work or going to get the normal activities done. Because when you take a bike on rent, you can save time and escape crazy traffic every day.

Don’t believe us? Well, try riding a bike to work and measure the time it takes you to reach your destination. And then take your normal way of transportation the next day and note the time that takes to cover the same distance. You will definitely notice a major difference. So, changing your means of transportation and switching to bikes, can solve your day’s major difficulty.

That’s why the bike rental services like Cityfurnish, are a huge lifesaver when it comes to solving the problem of traveling. And not just to office, to anywhere, really.

Cars cannot easily go through the narrow roads, while bikes can. They don’t usually get stuck or have to be stopped on narrow ways when another vehicle has to cross the way. They’re fast. Easy to drive. And well, with renting, extremely affordable too.

Why Take a Bike on Rent Instead of Traveling by Car or Bus?

Whether you want to ride your vehicle to work or on long weekend trip excursions, the experience of riding a motorcycle is unlike any other. The benefits of riding a bike over driving a car are clear for most Indian motorcycle riders. Here’s why bikes are preferable – 

  1. Taking a Bike on Rent is Cheaper
    Renting a bike is more affordable than getting a car or even buying a bike outright. Purchasing a vehicle would mean burning down a huge hole in your pocket. Because they can cost you thousands, lakhs in Car’s case. And if you’re on a budget and can’t really shake it, renting is your best option. When you rent a bike, you only have to pay a nominal monthly subscription fee. There’s no hefty down payment or extra added costs to it. It’s simple and cheaper.

  2. Parking is easy
    Looking for a parking spot during rush hour is, to say the least, challenging for most vehicles. Finding for free parking with a car takes a lot of time, whether it’s awaiting a spot or exploring the entire parking lot for it. Meanwhile, motorcycle riders don’t have much trouble locating parking spots. You wouldn’t have to worry about getting a motorbike parking spot because there are many of them. Moreover, you would not have to deal with challenging parking circumstances like parallel or perpendicular parking. Also, they don’t take up much room, so you can simply park it in tight quarters.

  3. Faster to Navigate
    For a motorbike rider, traffic is (nearly) nothing. Motorcycles can easily squeeze or smim through other stopped vehicles and get you to your required places faster while trapped in traffic during rush hour. One of the things that riders enjoy about motorbikes is the sense of freedom they have while they’re on the road.

  4. More Affordable to Maintain
    Getting your bike serviced is less expensive than having a car serviced since there are less engine parts to consider. And, because less sophisticated gear that needs expert and costly upkeep, you won’t have to worry about a big maintenance expense.

It also makes it worth it because bike rental services providers like Cityfurnish make it extremely easy for you to rent a bike!


Why Take a Bike on Rent from Cityfurnish?

Cityfurnish is more than simply a new bike rental service; it’s a completely new bike rental experience. Here are some of the benefits of renting a bike from Cityfurnish:

    • Bikes of the highest quality can be rented.
      Unfortunately, many bikes rental services do not want to lease out their best bike designs, and when they do, they may not always keep the offered bikes as well of a condition as you would like. You may gain access to the top bike models for less price with the bikes displayed on Cityfurnish website, all while enjoying the peace of mind that they will be maintaining the bikes with the goal of riding it themselves.

  • With our user-friendly website, renting bikes is a breeze.

The majority of bike rental services require you to visit a retail store or swipe your credit card at a public kiosk, which may be at an inconvenient position. Cityfurnish streamlines everything with a simple, user-friendly website that can be accessed from any device. That means you can hire a bike whenever you want, no matter where you are.

  • It’s simple and affordable.

These are most likely the strongest arguments for choosing Cityfurnish. Instead of dealing with the hassles of renting a motorcycle the old-fashioned way, you can use the Cityfurnish website to save money and have a tension-free experience – rent a bike within minutes. Many first-time clients return to Cityfurnish the next time they ought to take furniture on rent or home appliances on rent.  This may also be true for the bikes as well. Now is the time to put everything to the test!

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