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Whether you are looking to reduce the time spent in your kitchen after a long day at work or trying to make the best out of your baking hobby, smart kitchen appliances are a must to make cooking more efficient. From devices in our bathrooms to personalised companion apps in our bedrooms, smart home appliances let you control your daily tasks with just a voice command.

Similarly, smart devices help you make the most out of your time in your kitchen. This is where you possibly spend the most meaningful time of your day, putting together a quick delicious meal to replenish your body.

It is true that we are constantly surrounded by smart devices. Although their influx into our everyday lives seems unstoppable, the kitchens have always been a space revolutionised by gadgets and appliances such as fridges and ovens.

However, smart kitchen appliances with IoT technology are taking a step further to remove tedious routine work. This includes grinding the coffee beans, pouring the brew, adding the milk, and frothing the cream. Instead, all of it can be condensed into one task by a voice-activated coffee machine that requires all but a ‘command’ from you in the morning.

Innovation in the kitchen is the way to ‘Work smarter, not harder.’ And these smart appliances are waiting for you to create more interactive and enriching experiences, whether you’re preparing your morning latte or whipping together a quick dinner.

Here are the smart appliances you need to add to your kitchen 

Smart appliances in the kitchen range from smart fridges with music players to voice-activated kitchen faucets, which can seem a lot to navigate. Hence, we have compiled a list of five smart appliances to modernise your kitchen with sensor technology and other integrated devices that allow you to control lighting, locks and so forth. So, take a look at the coolest smart appliances for your kitchen on the market.

Coffee Machine

Source: @Hilman Luthfi

Who doesn’t start their day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee? And what’s a better way to do that other than investing in a smart coffee machine that gets your coffee brewing even before you’re awake? Smart coffee machines with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth let you start the brewing process from the click of your smartphone and have your coffee ready just how you like it.

If you are spending too much money on getting your favourite Starbucks latte every day, the best way to budget is to invest in a good quality coffee machine that will grind, brew and froth your coffee with a push of a button. Long gone are the days when making your favourite beverage meant at least half an hour of your day when a coffee machine can do the same in mere 10 minutes.

Air Purifier

With decreasing air quality, it is important to be concerned about the air we breathe, especially inside our own house, where precautions are not taken well compared to being in public. Home air purifiers are therefore very important to eliminate contaminated air and safeguard ourselves from toxic levels of polluted air. This stands true for our kitchens as well.

Cooking means a variety of odours and small particles being released into your surroundings from frying and so forth. This is why it becomes essential to supplement your kitchen appliances with a standalone air purifier which filtrates and purifies the air. A brand like Sharp provides a range of air purifiers that cleanse your kitchen air of toxic pollutants, viruses, and dust.

Smart Microwave

Source: @Lissete Laverde

A smart microwave is a necessity for every modern kitchen; if you haven’t invested in one, now is the time to start. Smart microwaves come with advanced technology, including Alexa interaction features, whereby you can command using your voice. Further, these smart microwaves can notify you if the timer is turned on longer than it’s supposed to. Also, if the door’s left open or simply notify you if the energy consumption is above the sustainable level.

A range of microwaves are available in the market for you to explore, from brands such as Panasonic to Samsung to LG; these appliances will increase your cooking experience to an unimaginable level. Browse through the selection of microwaves with spacious designs to cook your favourite meals, reheat your dinners in small as well as medium-sized cookware. Further, these microwaves can also auto-adjust your humidity sensors based on the kind of food you’re heating, making your job plenty less than easy.

Touchless Smart Faucet

An extendable faucet that can automatically turn off and is built using sustainable materials is the new go-to for a smart kitchen. Installing a smart faucet will conserve water while doing dishes and allow for easy kitchen sink controls by reacting to simple hand gestures. With smart motion sensors, these smart faucets make sure that you don’t have to turn off the tap every time you walk away from the sink while cooking and managing many pots.

Smart faucets make your kitchen jobs much easier, convenient, and sustainable. Highly advanced faucets also come with various voice-activation controls that can control the water pressure, as well as the temperatures. While this might sound too futuristic to be practically true, these faucets are out and about on the market from companies such as Owofan, Delta, and Kohler.

Hence, these are some of the top-notch smart appliances we recommend while making necessary upgrades to your kitchen gadgets. There are many more to add to the list that can transform the tedious, manual tasks such as chopping vegetables and blending various types of juices into a few minutes’ jobs using smart mixers, grinders, and air fryers. 

These smart appliances are also the ethical way to go as they monitor energy conservation, reduce wastage as well as encourage savings. Further, they help prevent house fires and other disasters by alerting about issues through notifications and connectivity devices such as smartphones. 

While cooking can seem like an exhausting task for many, with these smart appliances, it can be turned into an enjoyable experience. In addition, hands-free cooking with these futuristic devices can encourage you to cook your own meals, thus avoiding ordering take-outs and other unhealthy fast food. So go ahead and make these excellent kitchen investments today!

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