7 Best Water Tracking Apps You Must Explore

7 Best Water Tracking Apps You Must Explore

September 22, 2019 0 By Tech Junkie

When it comes to your water purification system, you need to make sure that you are using the best machine as well as application to track everything. Finding the right form your tracking needs can be challenging, but you should make sure that you are thinking about who needs this and much more. Here is everything that one would need to know about choosing the right application. To help them keep track of their drinking filter machine needs no matter what they are.

best water tracking apps, water tracking apps

best water tracking apps

Why are Water Tracking Applications Needed?

If you forget that you should be drinking more liquids throughout your daily life, then maybe you should think about having an application installed on your phone. This is the best way to remember how much you have already drunk and to ensure that you are achieving the goal that you are setting for yourself. You would want to think about if this application would be the best way to help you to make the goals in terms of drinking more fluids than you would wish to.

Many people would need to think about using one of these applications to keep themselveshydrated, including those who are ill, pregnant, or for those who want to drink the required fluids. If you are thinking about whether or not you are drinking enough liquids throughout the day, then you should ensure that you are counting and using an application to help you to remember to drink more often. Ensure that you are considering whether or not this is going to be an idea that would work for you.

Choosing An Application

If you are thinking that maybe you would need a tracker to help you when it comes to remembering to drink the fluid, then you are going to want to look at the options. There are so many applications that you can download and use. But you should think about a lot of things like what platforms it can be used on and how you update your goal.

Also, you would want to consider the containers that you can use along with the measurements that you can use when updating the information if you’re going to connect with various smart devices like Google Fit, My Fitness Pal and even your Fitbit to keep all information in a single location.

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Some Best Water Tracking Apps


best water tracking apps , water tracking apps

One of the best applications that you can use for your iOS or Android phone is called Aqualert. This can help you to determine precisely how much you need to be consuming daily according to a few things like

  • Climate and weather of the area you live in
  • Whether or not you are pregnant
  • Conditions of the area you live in and what you are doing
  • Activity that you are participating in
  • The amount that you weigh

This is a useful application where you can set the amount that you want to drink or go with the preset goals. It can also let you know how much you have already consumed for the day. and even give you alerts when the time for drinking more liquids has arrived.

Daily Water Tracker Reminder

You can also make sure that you are using an application that would help you to keep the number of liquids you are taking into consideration. This would be the right place where you can input into the app how much you are drinking and what your daily goal is. This can be changed and used in a wide variety of measurements like ounces or even milliliters and can be changed at any point. Input how much liquids you would have wanted to drink before a specific time in the day and then update the information regularly. This application also allows you to look at the data from the last few days to see if your intake has increased or decreased before you set your daily goals.

Daily Water – Drink Reminder

For those who are looking for an application that can both help them to decide how much fluids they need to drink and that can sync to their Apple Watch, then Daily Water – Drink Reminder is ideal. This option allows you to set the daily goals that you want to achieve in terms of liquid intake, and you can also customize the glass size that is used for logging in the amount drank. Not only that, but it also can create a plan that will work to let you remain hydrated throughout the entire day.

This application would also let you email the goals and statistics for a specific day through email and even see the various statistics for different days. Also, it would allow you to set the notifications and alerts that you need to ensure that you are consuming the required fluids. It would also work with the Apple Watch so that you can not only see how much water you are drinking but also the activities of your body. Why water reminding apps are important?

Drink Water Reminder

When you first open up this application, it will ask you a few questions that you need to answer honestly like how much you weigh and what is your gender. This information would help the application to determine just how much fluids you would require daily to stay hydrated. You would also need to input the times when you are going to be awake as well as sleep so you can get the proper notifications.

When you have input the required information, the amount that you should be drinking would be shown, and once you have drunk some fluids, you would need to note it down. The various cups and glasses can be customized based on how much fluids you are regularly drinking. When you are using this application, the notification bar would have the information regarding the amount that is left to consume so you can reach the target.

Gulp  Hydrate & Track Water

When it comes to deciding if you are on track when it comes to consuming the right amount of liquids, then this application would be ideal for helping you. This has a theme that is blue and reminiscent of the cash that you need to consume, and the steps and methods are similar to those of the other applications.

This is also perfect since you can connect it with your Google Fit device to measure the activities of your body. For those who are looking to sync smartwatches, then this is ideal for those with an Android-based phone. It can help you to quickly drink the necessary fluids without having to deal with a complicated application for insertion and event reminders.


If you want an application that is simple to use and understand, then Gulps is going to be the way to go. You need to insert the amount of liquid that you want to reach daily and then decide how much you want to consume in one go. You would need to update the amount that you are consuming whenever it happens so that your goal can be updated regularly. This also has a notification bar in the drop-down menu of your phone, so you can quickly see how much more you have to drink.


For those who need a bit more push when it comes to drinking the required amount of fluids, then Waterlogged is the best application. You should ensure that you are adequately hydrated and this application can help you with that, including by allowing you to set your own goals. Once you have set them, then you can choose the amount that you are going to drink. Such as liters, ounces, or even milliliters to make it easier to keep track of just how much you are consuming.

You need to insert the required data once you have consumed the liquid so that you can see how the goal is decreasing during the day. You can also choose from some customized containers depending on what you are using to hold the fluids to make it easier to keep track. This can be connected with a wide variety of other tools like My Fitness Pal. Fitbit and even the Google Fit devices to keep track of a vast array of things like the activities. You’re body and more while you are keeping an eye on the number of liquids consumed.

Why not think about which application would work the best for all of your needs when it comes to the tracking of drinking fluids? The Water Purifier can make sure that you are consuming the necessary liquid without having to worry about anything. There are also plenty of applications that you can use when it comes to seeing just how much you are regularly consuming. These can also give you the notifications that are needed to remind you to drink more fluids to reach your goal, so choose the right one for your needs.

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