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Building links is hyped up to be the main SEO component. Be that as it may, designing a SEO friendly website is undeniably more important. Your links will possibly prove productive if your site’s SEO structure and keywords are up to the imprint.

Likewise, it’s simpler to get on-page SEO right. It’s completely influenced quite a bit by. While with link building there are a ton of different variables that are beyond your control.

In this way, to ensure you get on-page SEO right, here we will share the best tips to design a SEO friendly website for your business. 

Tips to Design a SEO Friendly Website

Research competitors

One way SEO experts cut off how much time it requires to design a SEO friendly website is by researching competitors. Your competitors have proactively accomplished the difficult work of researching customers and competitors and have created their sites based on this data. There are additional tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs that can investigate your competitors and provide you with an outline of the keywords they are utilizing. This will save you such a lot of time.

In this way, before you make some other strides required to make a website, make a spreadsheet with every one of your competitors. This ought to include both your immediate and aberrant competitors.

Then get ready archives for every competitor. They ought to contain important SEO data with respect to design, keywords, and so on.

Create SEO & UX friendly site structure

Your site needs to have a SEO friendly structure as it makes it simple for search engines like Google to properly file the site. This will ensure that your pages rank. Thus, utilize the data from your research to make the right pages, then, at that point, categorize them into labels and classifications and organize every one of these in a thoroughly examined structure.

Then, at that point, spread it out with menus, bread pieces, and footers with links.

Ensure the site is traversable, as client experience is important too. If clients have a superior experience you will drive more sales. This will likewise expand the time they spend on the page and abatement your bob rate. These factors can assist you with ranking too as Google takes them into consideration. Importantly, to create UX friendly site structure connect with web development company Bangalore.

Use good hosting

One more component that Google takes into consideration while ranking a site is the loading time. Google needs to ensure that your site offers a good client experience and as you probably definitely know, as loading time increases, the relinquishment rate increases too.

Thus, ensure you utilize a good hosting service. If you are serious about ranking you ought to never utilize a shared hosting stage. A dedicated service is the best version.

Use the right keywords in the right places

Utilize the keywords you uncover from your keyword research and place them perfectly located on your website. This ought to include metadata, headlines, h2 tags, and so on. If you are not truly adept at making SEO friendly pages, you ought to utilize a tool like Clearscope to assist you with taking care of business.

Optimize for mobile

Search engines likewise check if your website is optimized properly for versatility as many individuals will get to your site from cell phones. They believe they should have a good experience too. If your site looks good on mobiles, your site will move up the rankings. This is not difficult to get right, particularly if your site runs on a stage like WordPress as there are a ton of free plugins. You can likewise find themes that are pre-optimized for SEO. You can utilize these if you would rather not overload your site with too numerous plugins.

If you are very serious about driving more sales from your versatile website, I recommend that you make a separate portable version. This will work all around well when you drive paid traffic too.

Reduce image sizes

One more method for guaranteeing your site loads rapidly is by diminishing the image size. In this way, ensure you upload the smallest version of your image to your website. The image ought to in any case look good as your website’s appearance can improve client experience, particularly if you’re running an online business store. You are getting the image size right if your site loads soon. A three-second load time would be acceptable for blog entries as they usually contain more images.

There are likewise several plugins out there that can automatically diminish image size. You ought to give them a shot.

Use short URLs

Of course, your website will make long URLs that contain details like the whole name of the page and the date it was created. This isn’t good for SEO as short URLs make it simple for search engines to understand what your website contains. Thus, instead of utilizing the default URLs, abbreviate them down. I like to include the primary keywords as it were. Restrict it to 3 to 6 words for best results. Much fewer words would be better. Additionally, to know in detail about SEO, consider getting SEO services in India at the best price. 


This is the bit by bit process you can use to make a SEO friendly website. Be that as it may, don’t stop with the first version of your website. Instead, monitor client behavior and your search engine presence and utilize the data to modify your website at regular intervals in some measure constantly.


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