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A clean office means a lot to everyone. It helps keep your employees healthy, boosts productivity and focus, and gives visitors a sense of confidence and security in your company. However, offices also get a lot of use and traffic, so they are bound to get dirty and messy. If you need a few tips on how to keep your office clean every day, here’s what you need to do:

Take Quick Desk-Cleaning Sessions

Every day, before you go home from work, make sure to declutter your desk. Throw away all the food wrappers, bring cups and glasses to the kitchen and trash all old mail, unnecessary documents, etc. This only takes a few minutes of your work day, but it means a lot to people who come after you. Even if you don’t see any customers and business partners, it’s nice to come to a tidy desk every morning. If you know you or your employees struggle with cleanliness, put up thrash stations around the office for easy and fast trash disposal. 

Clean The Tech

People working at the office touch computers, phones and copy machines dozens of times a day. This often means plenty of grime and bacteria. And since we live in the age of COVID, it’s a smart idea to prevent the spread of germs by giving your tech a nice clean every once in a while. A thorough wipe with soapy water and even some disinfectant can remove layers and layers of dirt and prevent contamination. This practice alone can result in fewer sick days and save your office thousands of dollars a year.

Sweep The Floors

Offices are high-traffic environments, meaning people take inside and spread around a lot of dirt, mud and bacteria. Daily floor sweeps and mops only take a few minutes, but they make all the difference. Sweeping removes dried dirt, food particles and other trash, while mopping gives everything a nice shine and helps remove more stubborn dirt. Every few weeks, it’s a great idea to call Strata maintenance professionals to give hard floors a bleach and carpets a deep cleaning session to ensure everything looks spotless. With professional help, your common areas will look as best as they can. 

Respect Eating Rules

It’s often very practical to eat lunch at your desk while you catch up with emails, but the truth is that this practice is very unappealing and very unhygienic. Food can often leave a strong smell in your office and leave gross stains and crumbs behind. And where there are crumbs, there are ants and cockroaches. It can be detrimental to your business if customers come and see bugs in your office or put their hands on a sticky spot at the desk. Make a rule that eating is only allowed in the kitchen and cafeteria tables, and make sure everyone follows it. 

Freshen Up The Air

The air in office spaces can often get stale very quickly. Any space that’s filled with people working hard, computers pumping out hot air and copy machines spitting out thousands of prints a day can get a weird smell pretty fast. To ensure your office smells nice and fresh, make sure to provide it with proper ventilation. Fresh air clears out the mind and makes any person feel comfortable and focused. Also, don’t hesitate to add some aromatherapy to the space with air fresheners or oil diffusers to create a clean and comfortable vibe

Keep Everything In Its Place

Office workers often have to handle documents, files, samples and many other things every day, all of which often end up thrown about the office. Make sure that every item has its designated place, preferably in a closed cabinet, so you can easily reduce clutter. Samples can be displayed on open shelves but documents and files need to be returned to a safe place every time. 

If you follow these basic tips, your office can be clean and tidy at all times. Good habits will make office maintenance a breeze, especially with occasional help from professionals. 

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