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When it comes to technology, there are always new job opportunities opening up. This is due to the ever-changing landscape of the tech industry. As new technologies are developed and adopted, new job roles are created to support them.

Here are some of the best tech jobs to keep an eye out for:


A developer is responsible for the creation and maintenance of software applications. They work closely with other members of a development team, such as designers, to create comprehensive solutions that solve complex problems. Developers use various programming languages and tools to build applications that are reliable and efficient. In addition to coding, developers also test and debug software to ensure that it meets all requirements.

Developers are in high demand as businesses look to create or improve their digital products and services. Companies with opportunities, like Plume, are actively bringing on people who want to be in a developer role. There are many different types of developers, such as web developers, mobile app developers, and software developers. With the right skill set, you can find dream jobs that are perfectly fit for your skills.

Data Scientist

Data scientists’ main job is to extract insights from data sets. They use their skills in many areas, such as statistics, machine learning, and programming to find patterns and trends. Data scientists are in high demand as businesses look to make data-driven decisions. They use their findings to improve products, services, and processes. Data scientists have to be able to effectively communicate their findings to non-technical staff and decision-makers.

The role of the data scientist is a relatively new one, but it is growing in importance as more and more businesses rely on data to make decisions. Data scientists often have a background in computer science, mathematics, or statistics. They use their skills to clean and analyze data and to build models that make predictions or recommendations.

Product Manager

The role of a product manager is to oversee the development and eventual release of a product. This includes working with various teams within the company, such as marketing, sales, engineering, and design, to ensure that the product meets customer needs and can be successful in the marketplace. A product manager must also have a strong understanding of the competitive landscape and be able to position the product in a way that differentiates it from its rivals. They work with cross-functional teams to develop product strategies and roadmaps. It’s essential for product managers to have a good understanding of both business and technology. Ultimately, the goal of a product manager is to make sure that the product is released on time, within budget, and meets all quality standards.

User Experience Designer

User experience designers create digital products and services that are easy to use and enjoyable for the end user. They use their skills in design, psychology, and research to understand how users interact with products. They work with developers and other team members to ensure that the final product meets the needs of the users. In addition to their technical skills, user experience designers must also have a strong understanding of behavior and be able to think creatively to solve problems.

User experience designers are in high demand as businesses look to improve the user experience of their products and services.

Cybersecurity Specialist

Cybersecurity specialists are responsible for protecting digital systems and data from attacks. They use their skills in security and networking to identify vulnerabilities and implement security controls. Cybersecurity specialists are in high demand as businesses look to protect themselves from the growing threat of cyberattacks.

These are just a few of the many great tech jobs that are out there. Working in the tech field holds a ton of opportunities out there. So if you’re looking for a new career opportunity, be sure to keep an eye out for these roles. With the right skill set, you can find a job that’s a perfect fit for you.

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