Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
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The iOS 16 update was released on 13th September 2022 by Apple, and many iPhone users are trying to experience this update as it has many features, but many bugs and problems are arising with it. Some problems require fixing and solutions from Apple, but if any problem occurs, you may also fix it yourself or from Fastest Repairs LLC, a cell phone repair store in Sacramento, if you live there. This cell phone repair center has listed some issues and solutions for you to check out if you face them. Some of these issues are before downloading the iOS update, whereas; some are the issue you face after downloading it. Let’s go through them one by one.  

  • Are you stuck on verifying update iOS16?

Many people faced the issue where they got stuck on verifying the update option. This can get really frustrating if you are not moving on from that. To resolve this issue, first, wait a little while and make sure you are stuck. Check if you have an internet connection or not and ensure that the connectivity is strong. If it is weak, you will not be able to get to the next step. If this doesn’t work, delete the iOS update and upgrade it. If the problem persists, restart or reboot your device to see if it works. 

  • iOS 16 is not downloading

Imagine that you are really excited to try out the new features of iOS 16. Your iPhone shows the update option, you go to settings and download the update, but it is not downloading no matter how hard you try; you are just stuck on download. Frustrating right? Don’t worry; check your internet connectivity to see if the signals are strong. If they are not, you may not be able to download the update. If they are strong, you might face this issue due to the full storage of your phone. If that is the case, iPhone will show you the option of Full Storage. Try to delete the cache, temp, and all the unwanted apps from your phone. You can also try and delete the old update to make free space for the new one. 

  • iOS 16 Update not visible in settings

Check your iPhone’s compatibility if an iOS update is not appearing in your settings. iOS 16 update is supported on iPhone 13 series, iPhone 12 series, iPhone 11 series, iPhone X series, and iPhone 8 plus. If you have any of these iPhones, but the update is still not appearing, try to restart your iPhone. After restarting it, check your internet connection and ensure its signals are strong. Delete the previous update from your phone. The last resort will be the hard reset if the issue remains. Before hard reset, ensure you have backed up all the important data from your phone because hard reset can delete the data. 

  • The touch screen is not working after downloading iOS 16

Some issues people face after downloading iOS 16 are the touch screen unable to work while tapping or swiping. To solve this issue, a cell phone repair store in Sacramento advises you to restart your phone and see if it has started working. If it has started working but not so fast, you can go to accessibility, and from there, you can turn on touch accommodations. Then select “use initial touch location,” and from there, you can turn on swipe gestures 

  • The battery is draining fast after the iOS 16 download

The battery is the most sensitive and important component of any electronic device. It is the most hard-working component of your device that needs battery care and health. Unfortunately, after updating iPhones to iOS 16, many users have faced battery draining issues which is not good. iPhone repair in Sacramento suggests that if you face this issue, reinstall iOS 16 or downgrade it to iOS 15. If you don’t want to reinstall or downgrade, put your iPhone on low power mode and turn on auto-brightness. You can also turn off the location services and background app refresh to reduce the battery drain.

  • The new depth effect on the Lock Screen is not working

The lock screen depth effect is a wonderful new feature in iOS 16. If this feature is not working on your iPhone, the image you are using for your lock screen might be unsupported, or there might be any problem in your background. If the image is supported and fine, you should see if this feature is enabled on your phone. To check this, press your lock screen for longer and tap on customizing. You will see three dots at the bottom right corner, and from there, you can choose the depth effect if it is not already enabled. Ensure that the image you are using is a JPG file. 

  • Apps not updating after downloading iOS 16

Some people have faced the problem of not updating their apps after installing the iOS16 update. If you face this issue, check your internet connection and ensure it is strong. You can also sign out and back in from your apple store to solve the issue. 

  • Photo Cutout Feature not working

This is the most amazing and interesting feature of iOS 16, where you can easily cut out the subject from the photo and post it in any other apps you want, and you won’t have to use Photoshop to use the cutout feature. Isn’t that interesting? But some people have complaints that their cutout feature is not working. The cell phone repair center in Sacramento suggests that if you face this issue, restart your phone. This will most probably solve your issue. 

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