Best reverse text generator for printing backward designs on T-shirts

Best reverse text generator for printing backward designs on T-shirts

April 17, 2019 0 By Anonymus

Reverse or backward text is not used only for fun games or make children learn spellings of complex words. It is used for many productive purposes. Ambulance van has the text written in reverse form to notify the drivers who look backward through rear-view mirrors.

We often see or wear T-shirts with text written on the shirts. Backward Text is also used to write text on T-shirts because the exact wording would appear backward or mirrored when printed on T-shirts. The reversed text is first printed on transfer paper, and then it is transferred to the surface like T-shirts, which would later appear right on T-shirts.  There are many solutions to get reversed text, which is to be used to print the text on T-shirts. We would look at some popular methods to print backward text or designs on T-shirts. These methods are given below:

Using Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Word is the most valuable product of Microsoft. It is being used by a massive number of people around the world for professional, academic, and industrial purposes. It is regarded as the most used and feature-filled word processor in the world.

It is known for multiple fonts and formats offered by the Word. Microsoft word could also be used to flip or reverse the text for printing it on the T-shirts.

Here is how you can use it for this purpose. Open the Microsoft Word and go to insert function.


Now chose text box and enter the text in it or simply paste it in the box. Now go to format shape option by right-clicking on the box and choose 3d-rotation. Now set the X-rotation to 180, and you will see a backward text in the box. Now exit the options and save it for later use or simply print the text.

You can also use another method, simply paste the text in word and go to select advanced from options and scroll down to click on the print section. Now, after that mark the checkbox which says print the pages in reverse order and simply print the word file, you will get the text in reverse form or written backward.

Using MS Paint:

In addition to Microsoft Word, MS Paint could also help to print the reversed text on T-shirts. Open the MS Paint application and print the formatted text in the window. Now select the pasted text or image and go to the Image menu.


Now select the flip horizontal option to reverse the written text or image. Now confirm the action by clicking Ok. The text would be mirrored. Now you can use it for printing on T-shirts. Simply select and copy the reversed text and paste it in the word file or notepad. You can use the mirrored text whenever you need it.

Pinter Preferences:

The feature of reversing the text through the printer is available with various printers from multiple brands. You just have to find out the feature in the preference. You would find the feature in some printers as back print. Some other names of this feature are mirror image, flip horizontal. Reverse, and emulsion down.

This feature could be used to get print out in reverse text form. If you are unable to find any such feature in the properties of your printer, then there is no need to panic. Here is another easy method to get print outs in reverse text form.

When you want to print the text. Go to instructions and find the advanced tab. Now, choose the ‘reverse all pages’ option in the output options section. You will get the printouts in mirrored form. If you are using a comparatively older printer, then you may not find any of the above-described options, but there is another solution for this type of printers.

You can easily get reverse text print out from your old printer. Choose the pages option and reverse the order of pages in page range option in such a way that if it was set as 1-5, simply change it and set it as 5-1. This would give the signal to the printer for reversing the text, and you will get the output from your old printer in the form of a reversed or mirrored version.

Use Reverse Text Generator:

The easiest method to reverse the text is using a reverse text generator. There are plenty of reverse text generating tools available on the internet. You can simply use these tools to write in reversed or mirrored form. You can simply reverse a single word or the whole paragraph using the text reverser.

All you have to do is to copy and paste the text in the box of a text reverser, and you will get the reversed form of this text in the output box. Now again, copy the mirrored form of this text and paste in any word or text file to use it later or simply print it on a transfer paper to transfer it on a T-shirt.

One of the best tools for this purpose is available on the Prepostseo website for use. This tool is totally free to use, and it can give you a mirrored form of a given text, whether it is a single word or a whole paragraph. Try this tool to easily get the mirrored form of your text for further use. You just have to go to the Prepostseo website and search for reverse text generator, and you can simply use this efficient tool after landing on its page.


Reversed or mirrored text finds its uses in many verticals of life. Similarly, it can be used to print text on T-shirts. Although, some people worry about getting the reversed form of a text for use on T-shirts. We have made a list of methods to get the print-out in reversed form for use on T-shirts. These methods include using MS Word, Using MS Paint, exploring the feature from properties of a printer, and using a text reverser for this purpose. We also discussed the best reverse text generator for printing backward on T-shirts. We hope this discussion would be useful to you.

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