7 Best Programming languages for Mobile Apps

7 Best Programming languages for Mobile Apps

July 8, 2019 0 By Anonymus

Computer programming is quite an in-demand skill. Being a skilled coder could make you a fortune. As a matter of fact, if one dedicated even an hour or two every day for learning any one of the in-demand and best programming languages for mobile apps in the job market, one could pocket $1000 per month, that too just as an intern!

The best programming languages are currently used to develop websites and apps that earn millions! Consider for instance the case of Mark Zuckerberg who created Facebook in his dorm room, a site which landed him on the 8th position in the Forbes list of world’s richest men, as of May 2019.

This article aims at edifying you about the best programming languages for beginners and the best app programming languages that one can use to become a self-made programmer.

What is an app coding language?

A computer being a machine understands only binary, i.e., zeroes (0) and ones (1) which is called machine level language or native language. But to convert each character into binary and then code is neither practical nor possible. Hence, there are a set of definite syntax’s and keywords which resemble the English language, these form a programming language. These definite syntax’s are converted into native codes and thus a machine is able to process and compute them to give results.

Of these, some languages are used for the mobile app development process and those are termed as app programming (coding) languages. Some of the best programming languages are Python, JavaScript, Java, Angular JS, C++ etc.

Platforms used for building applications and best language for mobile app development on these IDEs:

Best programming languages for mobile apps:

1. Flutter :

It is an open-source framework used for mobile app development by Google. It can be used for both IOS and Android app development and is considered as the primary framework for building apps for Google Fuchsia. Flutter’s engine is written in C++ and its foundation library is written in Dart.

Dart is considered as the best language to make apps with flutter. However, for Flutter, Go is also a commonly used mobile app programming language.

2. Android studio :

Android studio is built exclusively for application development for android OS. It has been declared as the official IDE for android app development in replacement of Eclipse app development tool.

Since the lawsuit filed against Google by Oracle for using Java for android app development, there has been a shift towards Kotlin as the new mobile app development language. Hence, making Kotlin the official android app development language, though java can also be used.

3. Eclipse:

Until the launch of Android Studio on May 16th, 2013, Eclipse was the official IDE for Android-based applications. Hence, for a long time, Java was the most preferred mobile app development language.

In the present times as well, a lot of developers prefer eclipse and thus java as an app programming language.


4. XCode :
This IDE is used to develop apps for iOS. There is no so-called best app coding language in XCode as it supports a lot of languages like C, C++, Objective C, Objective-C++, Java, AppleScript, Python, Ruby, ResEdit and Swift.

5. AppCode :

It is another IDE exclusively used for macOS app development. It is from the JetBrains. This IDE supports a lot of programming languages thereby leaving no room for any preferred programming language for app development on AppCode.


6. Google Firebase :

It is an application development software by Google which enables users to create cross-platform apps.

Some of the features of Firebase are :

  • Integration with google AdMob and AdWord
  • NoSQL database for storing JSON data
  • hosting, indexing, messaging, notification
  • analytics, authentication, crash reporting
  • interlinking
  • invites
  • offline running of apps by enabling them to store data in cache
  • data can be saved on cloud in real time
  • remote configuration
  • synchronization
  • storage and test lab where it allows testing of an application on a real device.

All these features are available for Android but for iOS Test Lab isn’t available.
Firebase supports a lot of languages but many developers prefer Node.JS as the best programming language for app development on Firebase.

7. Visual Studio-Xamarin :

An IDE from Microsoft , it also supports cross-platform app development . C# is the best coding language for app development on Xamarin.

Visual Studio-Xamarin

Best coding languages for apps

1. Kotlin :

It was introduced by JetBrains and is officially supported by Google as the best mobile app development language for Android OS. It is an open-source, cross-platform app coding language and the best part is that it is directly shipped in with Android studio 3.

2. Python:

Python, being an open-source programming language stands tall among others for it is more or less similar to the English language, that is, it has minimal syntaxes.

Python also has many built-in functions and libraries that make it the language of choice for large projects, which otherwise would require thousands of additional lines of codes. Also, Python documentation is available which can be a great help for self-taught programmers. It is quite popular with Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts, Data Scientists, web developers, app developers, etc. Also, it is a preferred programming language for mobile app development. Internet of things is a major field where python is used! Read about the internet of things and how to start learning it.
E.g. :
print( “Hello World !)

3. Java:

Owned by Oracle Corporation, Java is of the most in-demand language and one of the oldest and among the best programming languages for mobile app development. Presently about 3 billion applications are based on Java.
The best thing about Java is that it is platform-independent.

Hadoop, a framework provided by Apache and used for analyzing large volumes of data is also written in Java.
It also finds itself as a prominent language for backend development. Giants such as Google, Twitter, Amazon used to have their backend developed using Java.

Class Hello
public static void main (string args[])
System.out.println (“hello world);

Read about the best ultimate tips to hire a java developer

4. Swift :

Swift is a relatively new language that first appeared in 2014. It was developed by Apple and is quite popular among Linux and iOS developers. It is one of the best languages to learn for app development for IOS platforms. Swift is described as “objective C without C”. It can also be easily used with IBM Bluemix and IBM Swift Sandbox.
E.g. :
import swift
print(“hello world “ )

5. C# :

It was developed by Microsoft and was introduces in 2000. C# is one of the most powerful languages supported by .Net framework. This language is the best language for app development for the Windows platform.
It is also used for web development as well for frontend as well as for connecting to database.
using System ;
namespace Example {
class helloWorld
public static void Main ()
Console.WriteLine(“Hello Wrold “ );

6. JavaScript :

An object-oriented programming language that mostly focuses on creating interactive effects for front-end. For instance, particle.js.

Along with HTML and CSS JavaScript is among the three core technologies essential for web development.
JavaScript is used in frameworks like Angular.js, Node.js, and React.js.
E.g. :
<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset=”UTF-8”>
alert(‘hello world ‘);

7. Objective C :

It is an object-oriented programming language which was used for iOS mobile app language prior to swift.

What are the best programming languages for mobile apps to learn for a high salary?

(In no particular order)

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • PHP/Hypertext Pre-processor:

PHP is used for backend development, that is, to connect client and server sites in order to fetch data. Codes written on the server-side can be embedded into HTML using a script tag. E.g. :
<!DOCTYPE html>
<? php
echo “hello world” ;

  • Swift
  • Go :

Go or GoLang is a procedure-oriented programming language launches by Google in 2009.
Most of the programming languages like python and java do support multi-threading but during concurrent executions, deadlocks, and threading-locking, a lot of problem arises. E.g. Creating a thread in java consumes approx. 1 MB memory hep size and spinning thousands of strings together puts immense pressure on the heap and can cause shut down, that is, it’s not memory efficient. But Go ha Goroutines in place of threads, which consume only 2KB of memory hence making it possible to spin millions of goroutines together.

GoLang is a procedure oriented programming language


  • C #
  • Ruby :

It is relatively easy to learn a programming language and has syntaxes similar to the English Language. It is widely used for web application development.
Eg :
puts “hello world !”

 programming language

best programming languages for mobile apps

Mobile App Development Language and Process

Having discussed the different IDE’s and some of the best languages for mobile apps, let us now have a look at the steps involve in the app development process.

Different IDE’s have different application development process but here we are going to have a look at that of Google Firebase.

Evolution of App Development Languages

What excites a developer more than the arrival of a new programming language?
Facebook is set to unveil a new programming language called Move in 2020. It is being developed so that apps can be built that can work seamlessly with Libra Cryptocurrency.

That’s for the future, now let us have a look at the history of programming languages.

Best Programming Languages

Programming languages have been around for quite a while now. With the advent of technology, the older languages couldn’t fulfill the growing demands of flexibility, speed, security, etc; hence the need to develop a large number of programming languages. Each language has been developed with a specific purpose in mind and to tackle some specific problem, so a clear distinction as to which is the best programming language doesn’t exist. It totally depends upon the user and which language he or she is more comfortable with and which language serves his purpose the best. However, there are some languages that are easier to learn hence more popular, others are in demand or highly paid, hence preferred. While some languages find application in a wide number of fields, for instance, Python whereas others are specially designed to serve some specific purpose like Move. That’s why it is one of the best programming languages for beginners

We have tried to list some of the most popular languages that have a high market or can possibly gain market in the future. This was all about the best programming languages for mobile apps. Hope you can find your best match. Stay Tuned with DailyJunkies to read trendy tech blogs.

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