10 Best money making apps to generate passive income

10 Best money making apps to generate passive income

July 16, 2019 0 By Shweta Pandey

Nowadays, everyone is using Smartphone and among most of them do not know that they can earn money with their Smartphone.  There are lots of apps that allow you to make money by completing simple tasks, like-surveys, watching videos, shopping, sharing photos and more. You can earn real money and rewards like gift cards, free recharge, PayTM cash, discount coupons, etc. available in both Android and IOS platforms. In your smartphone only there are apps that get you money. In this article, we will mention some of the best money making apps that are very easy to use and do not require any special skill.

How much one can Earn?

The best answer is, It depends on your ability and the assignment you have taken.

The benefit of using money earning apps.

  • There is no need for Investment or any advance payment.
  • The money transaction is safe, simple, automatic, and converted.
  • Everything is under your control, just a click to earn, spend and transfer your money.
  • You can work as you like and earn as you need.
  • Everlasting possibilities and requires minimum efforts.
  • Doesn’t require any special skill and pays well.

 The Best money making apps: Free money making apps

Google opinion Reward

best money making apps

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‘Google Opinion Reward’ is a free rewards-based app developed by Google. It just requires you to sign in to your Google account. The motto is to ask about the products review. Since surveys are conducted across a worldwide trusted app there is no need to be worried about getting scammed.

How to earn from Google Opinion Reward?

By just answering all questions on the survey, get the reward in term of Google play credit. These Google Play credit can be used to buy apps and game from Play Store. The number of rewards may vary from one survey to the other, survey pay anywhere from 0.1 cents to 1 dollar. This is one of the best apps to make money fast in terms of easiness of use and the results.

mCent Browser

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While searching for an app that can make you money, you ‘ll definitely encounter this app. Almost everyone browses the Internet all the time. Most of the users are prepaid users and need to put cash to recharge their internet balance. There is no need to worry about your mobile data pack anymore.  mCent is the world’s first built-in browser that has the facility to reward its users with free data pack.

The browser has almost all the similar functions like bookmarking, custom home screen, browser tabs, ad-block, smart downloading and incognito browsing, which make it one of the finest online money making apps. It applies to all mobile networks. It is also in the list of best apps to make money fast.

How to earn from mCent?

Download the app and install on your Smartphone. Instead of using Google Chrome, you use this app inbuilt browser to earn reward points every time. The mCent app will reward you whenever you browse anything on the Internet, read the recent news, watch movies and videos, check Facebook, etc. Use points to purchase mobile data pack recharge card.



best money making apps

Slidejoy pays users for their lock screens. Just think about how many times a day you have to unlock your phone. Once it’s installed on your phone, you’ll start seeing various ads featuring news or advertisers on your lock screen. The good thing is that you earn passive income regardless of whether or not you engage with the ads.

How to earn from Slidejoy?

To earn you just have to unlock your phone. Every time you unlock your phone you’ll get points regardless of you engage with or not.  If you wanted to earn more, you could do other things in the app, such as surveys or earn by sharing app. You can choose to be paid via Square Cash or PayPal, or you can donate your earnings to charity. You have to wait approximately 3 months before you can cash out. After that, it’s a monthly cash-out payment.

Money App

The Money App is a market research app that earns you rewards for completing tasks. The app has different tasks like- watching videos, completing tasks, which include offering opinions, playing games, checking store displays, mystery shopping, testing services and participating in free trials. For each task you complete, your account is credited with reward points. The tasks only take a few minutes to complete and they are very simple. You can spend as much time as you want to this app. In terms of usage and its user-friendliness, it tops the list of best apps to make money without any special skill.

How to earn from Money App?

Money app has different tasks that you can complete by just a click. Start completing tasks to accumulate rewards, for each task you complete, your account is credited with your reward point. Convert redeem points into cash using a PayPal account. You can get paid within 2 to 3 working days of redeeming rewards.



best money making apps

best money making apps

Taskbucks is the number one android app to make money online and it is known for free recharge and PayTM cash. You can use TaskBucks for Mobile and data top-up, PayTM cash, Post-paid bill payment. You can up to 1.5 dollars within a week. You can transfer cash to your payTM wallet or use the amount to recharge your mobile number.

How to earn from TaskBucks?

It is an app that pays you real money. By completing tasks, Referral income, Tune in the daily contest to win the treasure. The contest is held every hour and the top scorer wins up to 1 dollar of cash prize. Another way of earning is referral earning.

Also in the category of the best apps to make money fast.


best apps to make money fast

Foap is one of those best money making apps that allows both professional and amateur photographers to make extra money selling photos taken on a smartphone. It’s a platform for brands and advertising & marketing agencies to find and purchase images from Foap’s registry.

How to earn through Foap?

After registering your account, you upload high-quality photos with tags, and the photos get rated by the registered community.  Higher the rating,  the higher the photo’s visibility. For each photo you sold you can earn up to 100 dollars per sale. There are also missions where brands and agencies will make specific requests for images.

Make Money – Free Money making app

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‘Make money-free cash’ app allow you to earn a passive income online by performing a very simple task such as watching videos,  giving opinions,  trying free apps, completing surveys, testing services, and free trials. You could earn up to 10,000 points in one week which is equal to 10 dollars. You can withdraw your money via fast payments in PayPal.

How to earn from Make money-free cash?

On the main screen of the app, you’ll find the different offer. Open one of the offers and view the different tasks available. Each offer has the number of points associated with the task and you’ll gain points after completing these tasks. To earn the credits, you must follow the directions given to you on each offer. It is difficult to find genuine money making apps for android phones but this app is actually quite rewarding.

Read some of the best apps that pay you for walking and exercising


best money making apps

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Musely is an online community and marketplace app for eco-friendly beauty and home products, as well as a social platform. It allows people to quickly share and discover tips of a healthy lifestyle with trusted friends, family, and fans. You can shop for organic and eco-friendly products, prescription formulas, natural beauty brands, professional hair care, and makeup product.

How to earn from Musely?

The way to earn money on the app is to become an influencer on the app and create your store to earn a 20 % commission on the sales of the products you recommend. Musely automatically pays out the 1st and the 15th of each month.

appKarma: Top money earning app

appKarma allows you to earn money for downloading and trying out apps and games. appKarma presents an opportunity to companies and developer by increasing the number of downloads and registrations that their apps have. Another perk is that you can redeem your points for gifts cards or cash back from PayPal.

How to earn from appKarma?

To earn in appKarma, you will need to complete the offers from the offer section. Most of the offers involve downloading apps and using them for a certain period or completing certain requirements such as reach a certain level and performing a task in the game. You can expect to earn from 28 points to 4,400 for downloading and using game apps. Of course, there are also other apps that you can download, like shopping and trading apps.


best money making apps

The iPoll app is market research app that allows you to earn money through taking market surveys, writing down diaries and completing missions. For each survey/mission, you earn rewards that can be redeemed for gift cards, or you can cash out using PayPal. The specialty of this particular app is that it’s customized, so you get alerts for tasks and missions that are suited to your interests and what you may enjoy.

How to earn from iPoll?

You get 5 dollars bonus just for signing up. Once you’ve confirmed your membership, you’ll get a welcome email from iPoll and soon enough, you’ll receive emails inviting you to take the survey. You can complete surveys from anywhere and anytime. You can earn up to 15 dollars in just a week. It is a legitimate app and ranked as one of the best money earning apps by most sites. The referral system makes this app more compatible with making money.

Also, know about best online surveys that pay cash. Click on the image below to explore:

best money making apps


Something to keep in mind is that among money making apps, be aware of potential scams apps that exaggerate the potential earnings. No app gives a load of money by just performing a simple task. Always look at the app ratings and read the user reviews. When you search free money making apps or best apps to make money fast or say the best money making apps on any search engine, you’ll definitely get the knowledge but most of the articles do not tell all the facts about these apps that can make you money. We are covering some uncovered facts below that you should be aware of.

These are the main disadvantage of using free money earning apps.

  • You start begging people to install that app just to earn a few bucks.
  • One needs to install other dependencies and applications to earn money which consumes phone memory.
  • As the number of apps on your mobile increases, you need to uninstall important apps or let your money go in vain.
  • You never get your money directly by installing the apps. There are always hidden terms and conditions in the application.
  • It consumes a huge amount of internet data.

Also, read about how to build your own simple app with no special technical skill required and how to make money from apps of such kind.

I hope the article helps. Let us know about how much you earned from these apps, share your experience in the comment box below. This was all about the best money making apps.

Thank you for reading!!

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