Best Longboard Helmets For Safety

May 4, 2021 0 By Rahul Pandey

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Longboarding Helmets

Longboarding helmets of excellent quality will actually save your life. Langobards are more likely than skateboarders to suffer head injuries, which is why safety ought to be your primary concern. Whenever it comes to protective gear, we suggest being as careful as practicable, but if you can only force yourself to wear one product, render it a helmet. For Longboarding, the old bicycle helmet inside the dusty corner of your garage can not be sufficient, so take out your pocket and invest in a high-quality Longboarding helmet. Check out our article on how to find the right Longboarding helmet for more details on Longboarding helmet basics and what all the security accreditations mean.

It is not appropriate to invest an enormous amount of money on a good helmet, but quality appears to be associated with a higher cost. The $40 to $60 price range for half-shells is the ideal balance between quality and cost. Although the half-shell style is suitable for a variety of riding sports, including skateboarding, full-face best longboard helmets for safety are more usually associated with downhill/speed longboarding.

Best Longboard Helmets For Safety

Best half shell longboarding helmets

You can’t really go wrong with any of the helmets on our chart, but the S1 Lifer is the best half-shell longboarding hat. The S1 is appropriate for people of all ages and has undergone all the major safety tests. It’s also available in a wide range of colors and patterns. This helmet is light, comfortable, and comes with a variety of sized pads, transferring or loan that out if necessary.

Triple eight sweat saver longboard helmet

Another excellent longboarding helmet is the Sweat saved. Keep in mind that the sizing runs a little smaller than average, so read reviews and listen to what other riders have to say about it. Triple Eight is a great long-boarding safety brand. We’ve also included that in our list of the best wrist guards.

Pro-Tec classic longboard helmet

The Pro-Tec longboarding helmet is available in several sizes. This one has worked well with many reviewers with larger heads. The Pro-Tec is an excellent choice, though it doesn’t have a lot of color options. They associate longboard and skateboard safety with Pro-Tec. We have also selected them to be used in our best elbow and elbow pads.

Owners rave about how well the helmet suits but doesn’t look “cheesy” like other less expensive longboard helmets. The color and color choices are fantastic; most color options in either a glossy or matte finish, so you’ll find one which fits your taste.

Best full face longboarding helmets

Everything is a tad more costly for full-face longboard helmets. Whereas the price may seem infeasible at first, riders interested in the downhill scene may ultimately need a full-face helmet. Because we couldn’t decide, we’ve compiled a list of the two best downhill longboarding helmets. The Bells helmet, which is really just a simple BMX style helmet, is great for beginners who don’t have a lot of money to begin out with. A full-face helmet is required if you intend on riding downhill on one of the best longboard brands, like Landyachtz.

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