Best IVF center in Jaipur: Aastha fertility center

Best IVF center in Jaipur: Aastha fertility center

April 19, 2021 0 By Rahul Pandey

IVF center in Jaipur: The day a couple becomes a parent is one of the most memorable and happy moments of a couple’s lives. The bond of the couple gets stronger because of the little one, the whole family celebrates and welcomes the baby, the beautiful moments which they cherish for their lives. But for some of the couples, the journey of becoming a parent is a little tough, the couple struggles a lot because they are unable to conceive naturally. Dr. Namita Kotia the IVF specialist and founder of Aastha Fertility care which is also the best IVF center of Jaipur says that she can make it possible for every couple to be a parent and can cure infertility. 

One is advised to immediately visit an Infertility specialist if the couple is under 35 years and they have been constantly trying for a year to conceive, while a couple over 35 should immediately see an IVF specialist after 6 months of trying. Infertility can be caused due to any of the partners in the couple and is not just only limited to a female. But the good news is that most couples don’t realize that infertility is curable; almost 60-70 % of cases of infertility can be cured if the cause of infertility is known in time and is treated well in time. IVF center in Jaipur.

What happens in an IVF treatment-?

In vitro fertilization which is commonly also known as IVF comes under Assistive Reproductive Technology. In this process, the main goal is to fertilize an egg in an artificial environment with the sperm and transfer back the fertilized egg to the womb. The IVF process involves five major steps where the egg is retrieved from ovaries and the sample of sperm is taken and then it is fertilized in a laboratory and then the fertilized egg is kept in an incubator until the egg starts dividing itself well, and then it is transferred back into a womb. The fertilized embryo is not necessarily transferred back to the womb of the mother and can be transferred back to the womb of surrogates or a gestational carrier. 

The quality of the egg used in the process is very important, and it is very important to use good quality eggs for the success of the process. So, for the entire woman who are above 40, they are generally asked to take the help of donor eggs or the help of her own frozen eggs, if she has frozen them during her fertile years. The transferred embryo has to attach itself well to the inner lining of the uterus well for the procedure to be successful and for a woman to conceive successfully. IVF center in Jaipur.

Why choose IVF over other treatments-

IVF treatments are much more popular than all the other treatments for infertility, because of some advantages which you get when you go through IVF treatments. The main point is that this procedure even works when all the other procedures fail to work and is quite affordable. The cost of IVF at Aastha Fertility care is around 80,000 for the first cycle of the procedure for Indian patients while it is almost around 3000 dollars for all the foreigners and NRIs. Some advantages of the IVF procedure from other procedures are mentioned below-

  1. a) The procedure can be used at any age and time and is not bound to the age of the patient; this is the only procedure that can be used by a patient to conceive after menopause. 
  2. b) The fertilized egg can be transferred to the patient’s womb, but if the patient is not willing to conceive herself due to any of the reasons, the embryo can be transferred back to the womb of surrogacy or gestational carrier.
  3. c) The procedure is idle for all the couples who are of same-sex and want to be parents.
  4. d) The procedure is successful for conception and reduces the chances of miscarriages and increases the chances of healthy live births. 
  5. e) The success rate of IVF is quite high and is highly successful with around 44-55% of IVF success rate for the first cycle of the procedure. IVF center in Jaipur.

Why choose Aastha Fertility care-

The IVF center in Jaipur has built its reputation well and has been declared as the best IVF center in Pink city. The founder of the center Dr. Namita Kotia is highly experienced and is an expert in treating infertility, since 2005, she has been working really hard to give the experience of parenthood to a lot of couples. The IVF hospital is well equipped with all the latest medications and technologies which are required to diagnose and treat infertility. Aastha Fertility care is the first preference for a lot of couples as the IVF clinic provides beautiful emotional and physical support to the patients throughout the process. Patients from all around the world have been contacting Aastha Fertility care for discussing their infertility issues and to get a second opinion for their further treatments. No patient has ever been disappointed by the results provided by Aastha Fertility care. A lot of real-time testimonials of the patients can be found out on their official website, where patients have shared the experiences they had during their treatments. 

“Shanta and Krishna, patients of Aastha Fertility care from Delhi, are extremely happy and thankful to the doctors and to the hospital for making their dream come true of being a parent. They highly recommend the hospital’s affordable IVF-ET package which helped them conceive successfully and have a child.”

The takeaway of the BLog

The IVF center in Jaipur has been recognized by various prominent personalities at various medical conferences, and occasions for their excellent contribution in curing infertility. The test tube baby hospital provides the patients with the option of booking an online counseling session. To get to know more about the hospital, its services, and the different packages provided by the hospital one can check it out directly on their official website and book your appointment with Jaipur’s best IVF center. 

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