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You touched the ready. Induration, heavy terrain will not affect the target’s movement, and spells and other magical effects cannot reduce the target’s speed or cause paralysis or restriction of the target.

The target can also spend freedom of movement 5e in motion to automatically avoid non-magical restrictions such as handcuffs or the creature holding it. Finally, Underwater does not impose penalties for target movements or attacks.

You must touch the creature you want at the selected time. The complex terrain, other magical effects and spells are not affected by the movement of the target. They do not reduce the target speed and they cannot meet the paralyzed or restrained.

To escape non -magical restrictions, such as handcuffs, the creature holding it can move the target 5 feet. This will help you automatically locate creature 5e limitations mentioned above. There is no penalty for moving into orbit or attack, if the underwater world imposes it.

This spell allows you or the creature you touch to move normally and attack during the spell, even under the influence of magic, which sometimes prevents movement, such as paralysis, thick fog, laziness, and a net. The subject will automatically pass all grip tests performed to cope with the grip test, including grip tests or escape artist tests to escape the grip or needle.

The spell also allows the subject to maneuver and attack normally underwater, even by cutting weapons such as axes and swords, or slingshots such as levers, hammers, and knives, until ‘ t carrying the weapon instead of throwing. however, the spell of freedom of movement does not allow water to breathe.

Material material: leather strap or identical attachment tied to the arm

Freedom of movement, according to the principles described, is no easier to move at full speed in overgrown plants than at full speed underwater or climbing. On the whole, you have to spend a little bit of speed to get one foot moving.

Undoubtedly, this is often RAW’s shortcoming. To our surprise, we felt I wouldn’t ignore the RAW here and treat it as a very difficult scene, in order for freedom of movement to work. this is what a player would reasonably expect if he is not a defender of the rules, and that should happen.

It also means it doesn’t usually accumulate in difficult terrain, which makes sense IMO. If you’re already struggling with dense vegetation in the forest, who cares if the ground isn’t even? you are not running enough.

Conversely, Plant Growth does not use the heavy soil label for the explicit purpose of excluding it from freedom of movement. as long as the designers seem so happy to talk about almost everything, except “did it mean a particular estimate of the rules or did it just happen?” It really comes down to your own assumptions. Of course, they need to know in advance that they want the DMs to make statements on corner cases.

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