How Best Free Educational Apps will change your life!

How Best Free Educational Apps will change your life!

June 11, 2019 2 By Shweta Pandey

Say bye to textbook mugging, Say Hie to E-learning! Best free educational apps :

Having a hard time understanding your tedious texts? No worries! Hug the E-learning methods to welcome academic success. Enhance your grasping ability, and keep up with the fast-paced world. Use educationally appropriate visual aids to aid a better learning process.

Your lessons will not be lullabies anymore; they are like new animated movies every time! Get ready to be ahead of others with E-learning. Take a step towards your life-long excellence. Indulge in divergent thinking and deeper understanding of the subject to succeed. Let all your friends wonder about your mysterious secret mantra to studies! Join the community of E-learning and shine! Welcome the Reform!

Dreaming of a bright future for your kids but having a difficult time making them study? E-learning is the perfect answer for your situation. The world is fast-paced and humans are extra-ordinarily adapting to it. Currently, e-learning has become the most popular method among students.

Research has proven that e-learning increased grasping abilities and effective understanding of the subject. Your children will receive the finest of education while being attentive, studious and ahead of their peers. It will make them sharper and ultimately brighter! Studies will no more be boring with all the audio-visual aids!  

Join us in the revolution to change studying into a fun process for your children and the generations to come. Encourage your children to climb the stairs of success. Let’s together teach them to be independent. I will provide you with a list of free apps and websites that will aid you academically:

Best free educational apps:

  1. The Khan’s Academy:

best free educational apps

This is one of my favorite apps for E-learning. It is not only absolutely free to use but also provides quality of education. It gives students a detailed explanation of the concepts relevant to their syllabus. It provides enough tests and questions to evaluate what one has learned as well. One is offered with lessons for competitive exams such as SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc.

When one has difficulty understanding a particular chapter, this is really the most essential educational tool that comes handy. It’s not only limited to the quality education it provides students. It is also a great opportunity for teachers to connect with their students beyond the classroom. This not only creates a student community but also a teachers’ community. 

Download the app here

2. Coursera:

best free educational apps

Coursera offers courses from reputed universities and schools. The courses range from music lessons to computer programming. You can learn anything you want at the mere tips of your fingers. We have an option of setting them on self-paced and having a time-table made out for us. We have the freedom of choice to learn from diverse fields at the same time not compromising on the quality! What’s more? You can all of this on this best learning app for absolutely no penny! One can also get certified for a course for additional charges. That lends you a proof of what you learned and flaunt it in the real world.

Download the app here 

3. BYJU’s:

best free educational apps

BYJU is another leading educational app offering great content for students to absorb from. They offer lessons for students from class 4 to class 12. Recently, they also came up with BYJU Disney, for infants, toddlers and for students of class 1 to class 3. It also utilizes better educational images such as infographics, to sum up, a chunk of information into visual charts. This indeed helps to absorb the course better and grasp the most out of it. There’s a good amount of practice, revision, and exercises provided to be well-prepared before exams. 

Download the app here

4. Edx:

best free educational apps

Edx was founded by the Harvard and MIT university. It offers the most in-demand skills to advance careers. Programming courses such as C++, Python, Javascript, etc, are offered on this site and app. One can expand their horizons furthermore by choosing the courses offered by reputed institutions.

Moreover, there are language courses ranging from Spanish, Mandarin, French, English, etc. Thus, one can expand their linguistic skills too. Learn from top institutions and experts from top universities and companies. There are lessons offered in different domains that may actually match with your interest or hobbies. Thus, empower your skills with these courses. 

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A note for teachers and why they should incorporate E-learning and E-teaching into their lessons: 

Teaching is the noblest of all professions. Whatever we are today, is because of the teachers who filled us with knowledge. But the job is just as tough as its nobleness. Learn the concept, plan lessons, break them down into easy bits, grabbing the students’ attention, and what not. The one-sided teaching method can often get tedious.

So how to keep it interesting every time?! Striving to make each and every lesson for your student interesting and absorbing like never before? That’s when E-teaching and E-learning come in action and further best free educational apps mentioned above.

E-teaching can help you build a network with other teachers and learn from the discussions of the community. There is a great chance of self-reflection and observation, which will help you grow professionally. It enhances your self-development and enables you the freedom to experiment with different audio-visual aids. 

E-learning saves your time, enhances self-development, leads you to experiment with different techniques of teaching and figure out which one works the best for you. Each and every lesson is explained with examples that encourage divergent thinking. Thus, the success rate of your students will hike due to the educational quality and the interesting methods used to impart it. It perfectly fills up the generation gap between the teachers and the students, which is the greatest challenge to overcome. 

Moreover, it offers you an opportunity to connect with your students beyond the classroom and back them up with additional help and support! Be the radiant torch-bearer for your students with E-Teaching. They will be, certainly, writing to you ‘thank you’ letters for their successful life.

To sum it all up, there is a lot to take in from the technological advancements that have taken place in the present time. It is on us how we utilize these resources to our benefit and enlarge the boundaries of our knowledge. Whatever we learn, is never wasted. So, why not absorb as much as we can! Knowledge is the true power, after all. This was all about the best free educational apps. Do share your comments and opinions. Thank you for reading. 

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