6 Best free brain games for seniors and adults

6 Best free brain games for seniors and adults

June 7, 2019 0 By Anonymus

The brain is certainly the most powerful asset in the possession of humankind. Even biologically, it is one of the well-protected organs in our body. We all know that humans are the only living beings that have reached this peak of evolution and we still persistently grow! As we bear the importance of the brain in our minds, we constantly take various efforts to keep it sharp and yet continuously underestimate its capacity to a great extent.

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Unlike the common conception, keeping the brain healthy is a life-long process. Most adults and seniors tend to assume that it is “too late” to sharpen your memory, boost your brain and develop certain skills, which is nothing but a fallacy. If truth to be told, Folks! It’s never ever too late! Sharpening the brain comes with keeping it constantly active and inculcating as many skills as possible.

Classic games like chess, jigsaw puzzles and cards are immortal contributions to the world of brain games. But, with the introduction to smartphones in the technological world, it has become a lot easier to play games that don’t necessarily have to be bought from a store. In addition to that, these are absolutely free brain games for seniors and adults. One can benefit from them in various ways and see a remarkable change in our daily lives! Games of our choice can be played with a network of interested opponents at the mere clicks of our touchscreen!

Here, I present to you a list of simple yet effective games for adults and seniors that can help in sharpening various thinking skills, boosting mental health and improving memory. These games are suitable for all ages but I will list its positive effects on adults and seniors exclusively:

Free brain games for seniors:

Brain Training:

This game provides different skill sets such as the quick search skill, math skill, memory, etc., that focus on specific aspects and work on it. The individual is given the freedom to enhance any skill of their desire. These sets can aid seniors to brush up their abilities, which they might have not used over a period of time. Adults can enhance improve their accuracy, concentration, and speed plus learn new skills through this game. It is not only fun to play, but also a great boredom crusher.

Infinity Loop:

Infinity loop is a simple relaxing game that requires joining or de-joining pieces together. One needs to come up with their own solutions to the given problems, which might have alternatives as well. However, there is no ideal solution provided, which in return promotes divergent thinking into individuals. This aids them to come up with strategies. Breaking and mending different sets has been proven to strengthen our neurological functions and act as prevention from serious mental disorders. This is one of the ideal free brain games for seniors specifically. Thus, there is more to it than just a fun play! Know and download Infinity Loop here.

Colour bump:

Well, colours surely light up our environments and make them vibrant. Similarly, Colour Bump is such a game that requires us to reach a coloured ball through the hurdles of a different colour. This game specifically teaches us to be patient. Moreover, colours being the natural stress-busters, they relax the mind and help to keep calm in tough situations. Individuals who have stressful job positions like managers, executives, etc., can take some time out to bust the stress and relax their mind for a few seconds. It’s a good exercise for the perceptive powers of the brain and restoring the hormonal imbalance as a result of continuous strain. This sounds like an ideal brain game for adults!

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Unblock Me Free:

 Unblock is a strategic game that requires making a way out for the colored block through the clutter of many other blocks. It is a kind of puzzle that has one or many outcomes depending on your moves. It enlarges one’s cognitive abilities and enhances problem-solving skills. Like many other puzzles, it instills critical thinking that gives a good treat to your brain. Moreover, it leads to an increased production of dopamine that aids memory sharpening and better learning. This can also be categorized as a free memory game for seniors since it helps deal with the problem of forgetfulness after practicing on a regular basis!

Temple Run:

 This is a very popular and entertaining game though many are unaware of its benefits. For those who are unaware of this game, it is a run where the character will overcome the hurdles and keep running until he doesn’t die. So, the direction control is in our hands as the players. This game has been proven to increase hand-sight coordination,  motor coordination, and visual-spatial ability. In addition to that, since we are continuously compelled to press the ‘try again’ button after we fail, it induces a never-say-die attitude into the players’ minds on a supraliminal level. It makes us more vigilant and skilled each and every time we try again. We always have a high score to beat ourselves, which instills healthy competition in the real world as well.

Dancing Line:

This is a musical game that tests your rhythm perception. The line has obstacles that are placed perfectly on the beats. In order to overcome them, you just have to tap the screen and the line dances in a flow. Every level has a different set of the music piece to evoke varied emotions. Emotions lead to the release of certain hormones like serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, ACTH, etc. These have functions other than expressing our emotions. For example, Oxytocin enhances our well-being; dopamine enhances memory and motivation; serotonin leads to complex thinking, learning, and cognitive modulation, etc. Thus, hormones release is perfectly healthy! This musical game is one of the best free brain games for seniors.

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  • Conclusion:

The food for the brain goes beyond games and specific exercises. It is not always about being consciously aware of the mental activity we should undertake in order to improve the functioning. Many day-to-day activities like reading, fixing a gadget or cleaning the house can do your brain enough justice. However, care must be taken to not ignore tasks that demand complex mental activities. A healthy body makes up for a healthy mind. All of us should exercise regularly, have a proper diet and never lose on sleep. And voila, there comes the fittest brain of all! Hence these were some of the best free brain games for seniors. If you know any other useful information regarding this does suggest in the comments box. Thank you for reading. Stay tuned at Dailyjunkies for more related posts.

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