15 Best Chat room apps that will spark your boring life

15 Best Chat room apps that will spark your boring life

September 3, 2018 16 By Shweta Pandey

The world has become a digitalized platform, everything happens in the virtual space. The online medium has become a better medium for expression. People like to socialize more on the internet and meet new people. This gives an opportunity for the Chat rooms apps to flourish. Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp are commonly used by most of the people to socialize with their acquaintance But what if you want to make new friends or find a dating partner? There are some apps that facilitate one-to-one conversations among strangers. These Chat Rooms keep the user’s identity unrevealed. These chat room apps are an amazing source of connecting with other people, private chatting. In this article, you will know the best chat room apps that are trending in the market but not everyone knows about them.

Best chat room apps:

Anonymous Chat:

best chat room apps

The name of the app makes it clear, the identity of both sides will be hidden. Basically, it is an app to communicate with strangers. You will have no information about the other side before chatting. However, you can select the age group with whom you want to talk to. There is a screenshot feature which enables the user to save the conversation.

Meet me:

best chat room apps

It has over 100 million users all over the world. The app was originally launched as a dating app! Now, this platform has been turned into a social media chat room. You can check the number of profile views in this app and the number of admirers you have. Using coins in the app, you can unlock other dimensions of the app which will boost your image. You can earn lunch money on this app. It is an amazing feature as you can own a friend by spending this money on him/her.


best chat room apps

This platform was primarily developed by Amazon for solely for video gamers who could create groups, challenges, and competitions. However this platform became broad and people can now find friends with the same interest, opinions, and hobbies. You can even create a community of your own. It will become visible to others and whoever is interested in your community can join.

Moco app:

best chat room apps

It is the most famous chat room app for talking with strangers. The app has built its reputation by verifying all the profile so well that no fake profile can exist. Hence, you can make genuine friends using this app. There are uncountable chat rooms with different topics and interests. You can join any chat room that suits your profile and interests. There is an option for adding location also in the app. By adding the location you can make friends near your area. This is on top of the best chat room apps.

Rawr Messenger:

You can adopt a 3D avatar in this app while communicating. You can create your own avatar by customizing the face, clothes, hair, shoes, etc. This app is used globally and it randomly connects to any person in the world. If any of the parties is not interested, the chat disconnects. Once you become good friends on this messenger, you can connect on other platforms like Instagram and Facebook also. It is a completely free messenger but if you want to explore more features in the shop you can purchase them.

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Palringo: Messenger as well as a gaming platform

best chat room apps

If you are a gamer then this is a perfect option for you. Palringo is mostly used for creating gaming groups where people discuss different features of the game. They create groups and teams of their own to play in the multiplayer mode with the other world online. You can send audio as well as videos on groups and this app is completely free of cost.


best chat room apps

This is based on the idea of social media platforms like Facebook. People can create their profile and add profile pictures. Tagged has turned into an online dating platform where you can talk to strangers and fix a meetup. It has a user base of 300 million which provides the user with diverse options to make friends.

Badoo app:

best chat room apps

It is a globally used app for making new friends and online dating. Although the site and app were primarily for online dating with its growing users, you can communicate globally to make friends. You can set the location yourselves for finding friends. This app has a worldwide audience making it easier to make friends. Badoo is among the trending best chat room apps. 

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Chatous app:

best chat room apps

In Chatous, you find a person of same interests by using certain

hashtags. Basically, people with similar interests have to use the same hashtags to connect with each other. You can send media with an expiration time that automatically deletes the file after the time is over. This app is amazing for sharing private information that you fear might be misused. Privacy is perfectly maintained.

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Nimbuzz Messenger:

best chat room apps

Nimbuzz messenger is the top choice when it comes to chat rooms. Although it is an old app it has continued its legacy by launching new and exciting features. You can join groups of your interests, create avatars, play games and the best part is free calling using wifi. The other features are now available on WhatsApp also but creating avatars and entering into chat rooms of your interest is what makes this app worth.


best chat room apps

This app is developed for video chatting and it is completely free of cost. You can video chat with all the people who are online. However, any kind of misbehavior may ban your profile from the app.

Coco app:

best chat room apps

Coco app has a socialization feature by which you can connect with groups nearby the location that you have set. This app is completely safe for private chats. The developer of the app aims to remove any boundaries between two people. It also provides a free calling feature.

Viber Messenger:

best chat room apps

Viber is very popular for chatting, emailing as well as video chatting. But very few people are aware of the fact that Viber also provides tons of public chat rooms in which you can enter to know worthy information about the topic. You can also exchange your opinions. Using this app is very useful in getting new ideas.

Whisper app:

best chat room apps

You can share any message or image with a stranger. The app is a safe and secure platform for connecting with strangers. You can share anything with strangers and if they are interested they will reply back. Whisper chat room is completely free of cost. This chat room is also used for adult purposes.

Qeep chat:

best chat room apps

Qeep chat is not only an online platform to talk with strangers but also to date with unknown people. There are many success stories in which strangers have found their soulmates on this app. You can set the location for finding people in your range. This app is quite like the Tinder app which is also an online dating platform.

Final Words

These are the most trusted and best Chat Rooms apps of all times. We hope that you have a great time using them. Don’t forget to revisit the blog as we keep revising the list when better apps reach the market.



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