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With the constant improvement of technology, there are new techniques and procedures that are popping up to help you with body contouring and ways that you could do to help you achieve your goals so much faster. With body sculpting vacuum therapy in San Antonio, TX, you would be able to eliminate fat and make your skin more elastic without having to go through all of these invasive procedures. Here are the benefits of vacuum therapy for men and women in San Antonio, TX.

What is Vacuum Therapy in San Antonio and How Does it Help in Eliminating Fat?

If you are looking for a non-invasive procedure to help you with your problem with cellulite then vacuum therapy in San Antonio is the right procedure for you. Your provider is going to be using this suction device to help drain your adipose tissue and then effectively move the fats that you have in that area towards your lymphatic system. 

To prepare for the procedure, all you are going to have to do is make sure that you drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated, and then make sure that you are ready to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that you could keep the results after the procedure.

What are the Benefits of Vacuum Therapy For Men and Women?

1. Increase of circulation

They are going to be using a suction device on the targeted area, and the suction of the cup would increase, making the circulation of blood flow increase in that area. This would in turn help prevent any muscle tension and help with the repairing of your cells. 

2. Helps your tissues release some toxins

While there are some parts of your body whose job is to help remove the toxins that are circulating through your bloodstream, when you have an unhealthy lifestyle then there are going to have more toxins released into your bloodstream. But vacuum therapy would help focus your blood flow, making your body get rid of all of these built-in toxins.

3. Reduces your anxiety

You would be able to reduce your anxiety with this treatment because your parasympathetic system would engage when your therapist would glide the device through your skin. This would help slow down your heart rate, increase the intestinal and gland activity in your body, and help you with digestion.

4. Lessens the presence of scars and stretch marks

Because vacuum therapy would help increase blood flow through your body, you would be able to get rid of more toxins, help remove excess fluid, and restore the circulation of your lymphatic circulation. This would also help in reducing the appearance of scarring and stretch marks in your body, especially on the parts of your body where the device is applied.

5. Clears colon blockages and helps with digestion

Since your parasympathetic nervous system would be more engaged and help increase the blood flow in your digestive tract, it would help in your digestion and clear the blockage you may have in your colon. 

Does vacuum therapy work for weight loss?

Though it is not necessarily made for weight loss, it could also be used as one because this treatment could burn your fat and reduce the appearance of your fat in your abdominal area and your hips. 

Your doctor would use the vacuum therapy machine on the targeted area. They are going to be coating the part with some oil, and then the suction cup would have the same effects as detoxification. It would make your tissues become firm and drain stagnant fluid which could cause some weight loss.

How Long To See the Effect of Vacuum Therapy?

How long you are going to have to wait to see the effects of vacuum therapy would depend on your treatment, goal, body mass, and how often you come in for a treatment. When you go to the office for several sessions weekly, then the faster you are going to see the effect and notice that the skin in the targeted area would become tighter and become more toned. There are little to no side effects with this procedure which is why a lot of professionals recommend this over surgical procedures.

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