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German drinks are among the best in the world and are often overlooked thanks to their neighbours across the border. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Traditional German drinks are only getting more popular as Germany’s brewers and distillers compete with one-upmanship. It has the following benefits:

  1. Courageous

According to the Bavarian Government, the Germans are more courageous than any other people in the world. They also have a reputation for courage and determination. This might be a result of their beer-drinking culture. The German men are known for drinking around 20 beers in one sitting, and sticking with it until they feel utterly intoxicated. This is actually a good thing, because when they get drunk they become quite uncontrollable, especially in Germany’s beer halls (Bierkeller). There are some who claim that it is the wine that gives them their courage, but this is probably untrue; beer is their favourite drink. Beer is also their spirit of fraternity, which makes Germans sociable as well as courageous.

  1. Patriotic

Traditional German drinks are a big part of what makes Germans so patriotic. Their love for their country is born as they drink their beers and other drinks, and this enhances their pride in the nation. In addition, there is evidence to suggest that drinking also leads to patriotism, because when people drink they get quite emotional, and this sometimes results in feelings of nationalism. There are some that claim that Germany’s brewers are deliberately making stronger beers these days just to create more patriots. It has been observed that even Germany’s youth have become much more patriotic over the last few years because of their traditional drinks culture.

  1. Fun

These traditional drinks were not created to be healthy, they were created to be fun. Beer is best enjoyed when served in a traditional German beer glass, and this is the reason why the beer goblet was created; it is often called a “stein” in Germany. These glasses are used because they are very effective in holding and keeping beer warm. They also make drinking more fun, especially when they flow down your throat. It has been said that beer should be drunk from the stein; this way you can gather your friends around you, sing songs and share a drink the old-fashioned way.

  1. Creative

Traditional drinks have a way of making you feel quite creative. Beer contains alcohol, which is a stimulant, and many great artists and writers have turned to it when they needed their creative juices flowing. When people drink a lot of beer they start to feel quite talkative, because the alcohol helps them overcome their inhibitions. This is one of the reasons why Germans are able to hold so many beer-drinking competitions; they know how to be creative when they are drinking in quantity. There is also some evidence that drinking can make you more sensitive, which explains why Germany’s poets drink so much as well.

  1. Cost

Traditional German drinks are extremely cheap to get hold of compared to alcohol that is brewed overseas. For example, their beer costs very little in Germany, whereas their wine can cost around $10 a bottle. This means that if you like to drink then you will be getting beer for very little money. In fact, the German brewers are making better beer than ever before, and this is because they are charging a lot for it. It is cheaper for consumers to buy their traditional drinks instead of paying more for foreign beers; therefore this traditional drinks culture has become increasingly popular.

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