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“What’s the point of getting a master’s?” One might think. “There are plenty of masters programs out there, but they all seem to be the same. Why not just get a bachelor’s degree instead?” The answer is simple: maximizing your earning potential! Many people may have heard that Singapore has some of the highest incomes in the world and that Singapore finance professionals are among the best paid in Asia. However, with such high-paying jobs comes high pressure and very tight deadlines. For example, if you want to get a job in investment banking alone, it is absolutely necessary to have a bachelor’s degree in finance. However, with a master’s degree in finance in Singapore, you can bring your career much further. Below are 5 benefits of studying for a master’s degree in Singapore:


  1. Increased chances of winning an investment banking job

Due to Singapore’s high standards, only a certain percentage of candidates that apply to investment banks get hired. As with most other jobs in today’s society, there is no such thing as “the perfect candidate”. This can be very stressful for people who have not been through the process before (such as the candidate applying for their first job after graduation). To give yourself the best chance of being hired you must be able to show that you are the most qualified candidate.

By studying finance at the master’s level, you can not only get a better understanding of how investment banks operate but also gain top employers’ attention. When applying, you should include a statement regarding your interest in investment banking and why you want to work for that company.

  1. Higher income potential

Even with a BSc in finance, it is not guaranteed that you will get an investment banking job. One of the key benefits of doing a master’s in finance in Singapore is that you can significantly increase your chances of earning more money. While there is no way to determine just how much money you will make, it is often assumed that people with higher master’ Degrees receive higher earnings than those with bachelor’ Degrees. The truth is that the difference in your income will vary depending on the position and company you are applying to. If you do get a job in investment banking, you need to be prepared to work very hard.

  1. Stable career path

When you study for a master’s degree, it is likely that you will find yourself on a much more stable career path than if you had not studied further. You will be able to gain experience in the field of finance and can be more confident that your employment will not last for only a temporary period of time. Opportunities for you as a finance professional will continue to increase with each step up the career ladder, so it is likely that you have multiple opportunities to gain experience in the future.

  1. Enhanced experience

A Master’s in finance in Singapore is an excellent foundation for a variety of different industries. It is not just the financial sector that can benefit from your skills, but many other sectors as well. For example, you will have a solid foundation for working in the telecom industry. People with a BSc in finance often find it very difficult to get into this industry but those with a master’s degree have no problem at all.


Students who graduate from master’s degree programs in Singapore, as well as other Asian countries, are highly sought after by employers throughout the region. Whether you want to work for a large investment bank in Asia or another sector, a master’s degree will provide you with the skills that you need to be competitive in your job search.

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