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Benefits of smartly calculating freight charges for your export business

What business owner does not enjoy high profits? But in the case of export business owners, sketching out the profit margin is not that simple! Profits largely depend upon the cost of shipment, and we do not have any direct control over it. Fluctuations in freights are not unusual or rare in the international market. These highs and lows create obstacles in determining the ideal freight charges for a shipment. It is your responsibility to smartly calculate the ideal rate so you can make the highest profit from every consignment. But how is it possible? What is the easiest way of making that possible?


You can calculate freight charges conveniently using the website of a leading shipping service provider. Yes, just search for “shipping rate discovery” on your browser and try the topmost search results for calculations. Here, you can just enter the port of delivery and shipment of your cargo and discover the rates of different shipping lines. Compare the prices and choose the ideal rate as per your shipping requirements. This process is one of the simplest and smartest ways of getting the lower freight cost for a shipment. Here are the benefits of following this method without any hassle! 

Plan your freight shipments keeping all the possible freight rates in hand! 

Benefits of Calculating Freight Charges For Exporters 

The benefits of knowing freight rates on different shipping lines are not limited to making high profits. You get to taste several perks of being a wise trader and making every move after doing a comprehensive analysis. Let us look at the perks of knowing freight charges. 

Figure Out Highest Profit Margin 

It goes without any exclusive mention that knowing freight rates will help you determine your profit. If you find the freight rates to be too high and the profit margins to be negligible, you can negotiate the deal with your importers before finalising the agreement. 

Enables Getting More Importers 

In the shipping business, exporters try to raise the prices of freight consignments while importers try to reduce the costs as much as possible. You can win this inexplicable tug-and-war situation by offering a deal that satisfies both parties. Yes, you can beat your competitors by smartly calculating freight charges. 

Offers Detailed Analysis 

With the help of a reliable website that offers insight into the market, you can check the freight rates of every shipping line and analyse the situation. This process will help you get the benefit of the doubt and make rational decisions while operating your business. 

Facilitates Cost Control 

The more power you have on controlling costs of shipment, the higher are your chances of making money from every deal. You can check the freight rates beforehand, book the shipment on time and control your operational costs. You can manage your business efficiently without running the risk of losing clients for making random deal offers. 

Promotes Business Goodwill 

If you want to flourish your business in the international market,Is The best way business for earning market goodwill is a crucial step. It is not you who needs to have a reliable reputation but your business. You can make that possible by offering reasonable deals and gaining the confidence of your clients. 

Develops Market Understanding 

Understanding the market and identifying the factors that are responsible for fluctuations in the freight charges can keep you ahead of your competitors. You will be able to make your move and finalise deals by gauging the possible outcomes of the changing scenarios in the present. This wisdom is the secret of successful traders winning in international competitions. 

Helps Build Business Rapport 

Lastly, build an impressive business rapport by being known as an export firm that offers the best shipping deals. Prepare your Proforma invoice keeping the possible costs in mind. Your knowledge will keep you ahead in the race. 

Suggestions To Calculate Freight Rates Accurately 

You can reap all the given benefits and more by calculating freight charges efficiently. Here are some suggestions that you can utilise in the process to get accurate results. You must follow these tips to get the optimum search result. 


  • Use the best website for this purpose. This way, you will not have to do the math by yourself. You can just follow the search results, compare the rates and choose the one that fits your shipping requirements. 
  • Follow the instructions given on the website thoroughly to understand what factors determine the given freight charges. 
  • You can also grasp the factors that determine these freight charges and their probability of changing in the future. 
  • Do not wait too long to discover rates or book the shipment. You must be quick with your decisions. 


Be an informed exporter in this competitive shipping industry to seal every deal that comes your way! Use smart tools and websites that offer great help in that process. Always be analytical with your choices and grab the cheapest freight rate available!

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